Vijay Eswaran Discusses His Motivations

For Dr. Vijay Eswaran, the co-founder and Chairman of QI Group, each day is different. Depending on his list of tasks for the day, he could be anywhere in the world, communicating in a number of different languages. Despite the hustle-and-bustle of this lifestyle, Mr. Eswaran often begins with silence and meditation, which could last from one to three hours, depending on his needs at the time. This process, which he has practiced for a number of years, helps him get a firm grasp on the day, while also allowing him time to appreciate the various aspects of his demanding life. He believes this creates a healthy balance.

As an author, international speaker, and disruptive entrepreneur, it is imperative that he bring his ideas to fruition. Although Vijay Eswaran has garnered numerous individual awards, he considers this practice a team effort, often adhering to this brand of consensus management. In his experience, an idea is of no practical use unless it can be completed, which he believes is best done by analyzing views outside of his own. As the head QI Group, he relies heavily on his team, as he, admittedly, often needs to be sold on new ideas.

Prior to becoming one of the world’s foremost entrepreneurs, Vijay Eswaran worked in a number of different areas, including as a gas station attendant, a security guard, and as the manager of a company that he didn’t own. In reflecting on his time as a manager, he insists that he wasn’t compensated justly, but, despite being cheated, the experience he gained doing the job was inherently valuable, and was instrumental in his success in building his current company. These lessons not only prepared him for the future but also helped to build character and his “keep pushing” attitude.