Transportation Experts Propose Traffic Solutions For Williamson County At Panel

What Is The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority?


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was formed in 2002. Its mission is to improve transportation infrastructure in Travis and Williamson counties in Central Texas. The agency has the power to create roads, public transportation services, built airports and naval ports. It can also levy tolls, taxes and raise money through bonds to fund construction of roads, highways and public transit systems.


Reducing traffic congestion and and improving economic activity through more effective transit options are at the heart of the CTRMA goals. CTRMA is managed by a board of directors that has seven members. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has a professional staff that manages operations and does consulting work. Actual building projects are done by private companies paid by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.


Who Is Mike Heiligenstein?


Mike Heiligenstein is currently the executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He joined the authority in 2003 when he was selected by fellow peers to lead the agency after it was founded in 2002. Before joining the CTRMA Mike represented Williamson County in public office for over 23 years.


As a public figure in Williamson County, Mr. Heligenstein helped to expand the water, sewer and transportation infrastructure in the county. He also was on the regional metropolitan authority and was chairman of the Clean Air Force of Texas. Mike Heligenstein is an advisory board member of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and is part of the Texas Department of Transportation’s Texas Technology Task Force. He has decades of experience in solving transportation problems.


Panel Gives Suggestions On Traffic Solutions For Williamson And Travis Counties


A panel on traffic problems impacting Williamson County and would could be done to address it convened at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center in Austin, Texas. Mike Heligenstein of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was a featured panelist at the event alongside Uber’s Texas representative and other transportation experts such as Jared Ficklin of the transportation design company Argo Design. Major suggestions made by the panel included expanding the lanes at routes 183 and 290 into and out of Austin. Expanding mass transit and building new roads in Williamson County was also looked at. The growth of the area was heavily discussed as Central Texas is a rapidly growing area in the nation.

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