Sunday Riley Makes Good Genes That Much Easier to Obtain

A good foundation product is a necessary beauty product to keep in your makeup bag. Women like to have the best type of foundation for their skin, so their complexion is always pleasing and a beautiful canvas for the rest of their makeup looks. The Sunday Riley skincare brand recently released a foundation called Good Genes that was developed to improve the appearance of your skin. The foundation is good for those who want to have a strong foundation and an improved appearance for the look of their skin. Good Genes foundation will make people say it looks like you have good genes.

The Good Genes foundation was developed carefully in a lab by the cosmetic chemist and Sunday Riley business owner: Sunday Riley. She viewed the progress of the foundation as a bit of challenge because she developed a foundation in 20 different shades. Sunday Riley has previously carried a foundation line, but they didn’t have 20 different shades in the past. The product line expanded to 20 different shades due to the fact that makeup companies have to be diverse when it comes to foundation shades if they want to be successful and received well by beauty consumers. Sunday Riley is fully aware of having issues with trying to make cosmetic products a success. Their previous line had a warm reception but was financially not lucrative enough for them to produce a full line of makeup products along with makeup tools.

Sunday Riley created the line foundation cosmetics through trial and error until she had the right blend of chemicals and natural botanicals to put into the foundation. She uses this same process in the Sunday Riley labs for all of her products. This blended use of natural botanicals and skin healthy chemicals is why Sunday Riley has become a popular brand amongst younger generations who like science proven chemicals and natural ingredients in their skin care.

You can browse the Sunday Riley website or find a makeup retailer that sells the brand. With the twenty different shades of foundations, you should be able to match up one of the shades with your complexion.