Serge Belamant: Inventor of the First Blockchain Debit Card

Serge Belamant is a software developer born in Tulle, France but grew up in South Africa. Serge had to learn English after him, and his dad moved to France. About Serge Belamant, he developed an interest in computers when he was in University and for that reason had to change his course from engineering to computer science and applied mathematics. Serge is great with computers and has come up with many inventions despite the fact that he did not complete his university education. As a young kid, Serge was very bright and active in both extra curriculum activities as well as in class. He was a remarkable student and had good character traits. Serge Belamant invented blockchain technology which is a set of a number linked with a cryptograph.

His main aim in developing blockchain was making money related commands to be carried out faster and effectively. Blockchain has brought about growth in the financial sector and has also connected plenty of countries financially. It has also created transparency and a better understanding of the financial sector for all. The growth of blockchain has led to the development of cryptocurrency which is currently used globally. Serge Belamant created smartcards that paved the way for the technology to be a success. Serge faced some setbacks during the process of creating blockchain technology but was able to pull out of each one of them. He used the difficulties he faced to his invention advantage.

The technology was developed through a number of other inventions that were not only useful in the finance industry but were also useful to other firms. Serge Belamant as seen from his creative work is very committed, persistence and straight forward. He possesses plenty of good qualities useful for any business to grow. Serge has worked for several firms and has brought profit to each one of them. He has held plenty of managerial positions due to his great work. His first job was at Matrix where he created a machine that was capable of detecting water levels in dams thus eliminating future drought threats. From there his working career grew upwardly. Serge has made profits for firms all over.