Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit Helping the Handicapped

I am a disabled veteran. I wanted to take the time and write a letter of thanks to Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. Your program enabled me to spend time with my nephew who is doing a small stint in a state prison. I am aware that penalties must be paid when the law is broken. I am a strong defender of that policy. Because of Securus Technologies Video Visits, I am able to encourage my nephew to get on the right track and stay there. So far, he has been the model inmate. I want to always be around him physically to ensure he never gets caught up with the wrong crowd again. But due to me being in a wheelchair, I am extremely limited in everyday life. And the travel for a prison visit would just be too much for me.I am grateful that we have this very strong way of keeping in contact.


I had to make an effort to talk to the people in charge at the prison. I told them my plight and they were understanding. I asked them if there were any programs that catered to someone who had a disability such as myself.They told me right away of the Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. I met the requirements and was approved. Now all I had to do was wait for my specified time of the visit. When my nephew came on, he was so happy. Although we had talked on the phone many times, this Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit was so much better. It was personal to me. I could see him. He could see me. I saw how he matured in the face. He got a little buff too. Our visit was great. We talked about his re-entry into the community. We talked and made plans for his future. I am so proud of him. And through Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit he could actually see my face and expressions. I made sure he knew how happy I am with him.


I know it may not be easy, but we are getting a head start on his future.I wanted to say Securus Technologies has been a valuable tool that was used in communicating a positive outlook to my nephew. We are stronger as a unit. And that is because I am able to influence him thanks to Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit.


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  1. I hope this will not fester the idea that the handicapped are that incapacitated not to be qualified as inmates. However essay writing service uk reviews proves to be satisfactory in the view they have and it makes the accessibility idea even more relevant. This is ehy Securus technology can be extended to several areas as a tool.

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