Recruiting with best, Julie Zuckerberg

Employees are one of the greatest assets any organization can have. In as much as this is true, finding the best employees is not an easy task. It takes the best to find the best. When looking to hire employees to your organization, Julie Zuckerberg is one of the people you need to consider for successful recruitment. Julie Zuckerberg is a seasoned recruiter with an eye for talent. Currently, Julie is located in New York and holds the position of Talent Acquisition Leader and Executive Recruitment Lead at Deutsche Bank. Julie is educated in Philosophy and Law from the City University of New York, Brooklyn, and the New York Law School respectively.Her education coupled with active industry experience is what makes her reputable when it comes to recruitment services.


For seasoned professionals, success does not come overnight. It is a constant process involving taking challenges to better yourself. Julie’s success has come out of the many jobs she has done. Mrs. Julie started her recruitment career at Hudson where she spent close to five years as the director for candidate replacement. Though inexperienced at the time, Julie’s input was treasured and helped the organization hire the best employees in the industry. Some of her job responsibilities included hiring attorneys, case managers, paralegals, and support staffs. Thanks to the law degree that Julie has, she was able to identify some of the best employees for the job effortlessly. In addition to hiring, Julie was able to provide critical information pertaining the particular job, their details and guidelines, promotions, and other benefits. She also acted as a contact person between the company and its clients and also offered her counseling services to the employees undergoing difficult times.


2007 saw Julie Zuckerberg advance her career and join Citi Global Consumer Bank, New York, for the position of Executive Recruiter. At Citi Global, Julie was employed more as a consultant. Her duties were to advise the company on key recruitment strategies that would help give the organization an upper hand over its competitors in the market. Julie shared her expertise on talent acquisition, relocation, negotiations, and immigration among other complicated recruitment factors. By the time of leaving the organization, Julie Zuckerberg had understood the market well, gaining a valuable skill set that allowed her to flawlessly source for employment talent all over the world. Currently, Julie Zuckerberg is at Deutsche Bank. Her position as the Talent Acquisition Leader enables her to employ the best professionals in the banking sector and extend her counseling and coaching services skills to them.


When Julie Zuckerberg is not involved in recruitment services at her place of work, she likes taking pictures, running, and improving her tech skills. With the global nature of business today, Julie believes in social media as one of the greatest recruitment tools. By taking a key eye on social media, she is able to spot the best key talents from all over the world thereby helping most businesses employ the right kind of staff.