Rebel Wilson Successes and Her Contributions to the Film Industry

For the first time, Isn’t It Romantic will give the fans of romantic comedy a chance to watch some of the greatest three actors in one film.

With its official release set on February 14, the film features some of the best talents including Liam Hemsworth, the funny and talented Priyanka Chopra, and most importantly the queen of romantic comedy, Rebel Wilson. Judging from comments on YouTube, this will be one of the most celebrated February 14 movies of our time. Thanks to the efforts of Rebel Wilson and her team, most of the tickets are sold out.

There are three criteria for a good film. The film must have a good plot, unmatched collection of cast and a well-thought release date. The three factors are a reality in Isn’t It Romantic. Thanks to Rebel Wilson and her team, the cast alone has made the film gain enough buzz for the last two months.

The release date is arguably one of the unique aspects of this movie. Although the film is in the romantic comedy category, reviewing the script gives one another an amazing sense of ‘plot twist.’ Dana Fox is one of the most talented writers, and she gave the script an astounding perspective.

In this particular movie, Rebel Wilson standout and according to pundits, this impressive performance is a product of her extensive acting career. Some of her best features include the following. Many TV shows fans remember her for the role she played in Pitch Perfect, Bachelorette and many others.

In the film industry, an actor is judged on how well they own a character and Rebel has always been a perfect example of owning a character. Surprisingly, she has worked with some of the best directors and on good production budgets. Working with some of the greats such as Leslye Headland according to her has positively shaped her views on the industry.

Rebel Wilson believes that her journey to the world’s acting scene has been one of the most interesting journeys. Since she was in high school, she knew that acting was the career path that she wanted to pursue. However, the initial interaction with creative arts was through her family.

According to her, her sisters and her family gave her a chance to perfect the art of giving funny stories. In her recent interviews, she pointed out that entertaining her family when she was young exposed her to the world of telling stories with a touch of humor. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

She, however, attributes her professional understanding of this art to her high school and her college life where she met with professional scripts and better directors.

Apart from being one of the best actors of our time especially in romantic comedy, she is a passionate contributor to this industry as both a director and a producer.

These two roles according to Rebel Wilson have sharpened how she views the industry, especially on a technical perspective. In addition to acting and directing, Rebel Wilson is also one of the most talented singers, and she hopes to sing more in 2019.

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