Madison Street Capital: The Final Contestant of the 15th Annual M&A Awards

Since its inception in 1998, the M&A Advisor has been setting standards for excellence through its Annual M&A Awards. This year was no different. The prestigious award announced the Chicago-based international investment firm, Madison Street Capital as its finalists for 2016’s award. The company has been nominated from a handful of other contestants in two categories: International and Industrial deals of the year (below $100 million) and the Boutique Investment Banking firm of the year.

M&A Advisor was founded with the sole objective of providing insights on mergers and acquisitions. Over time, the company has grown to become the world’s leading organization of M&A, turnaround and finance professionals. Today, the company recognizes the accomplishments of industry leaders and creates connections between the industry’s leading performers around the world.

The International and Industrial deals of the year (below $100 million) recognized Madison Streets Capital role in facilitating Acuna & Asociados’ acquisition by Dowco. The transaction was an intricate cross-border deal that involved many moving parts. However, the transaction was a success thanks to the senior managing director of Madison Street Capital, Karl D’Cunha who led the deal.

Madison Street Capital founder and chief executive officer, Charles Botchway said that the company was esteemed to be one of the entrants running for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International Award. On a different statement, he remarked that the firm’s dealmakers work diligently across different time zones to connect their customers with emerging and growing businesses that can match their different needs for continued growth.

The most awaited 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala will go down on Wednesday, November 9th at the New York Athletic Club. The winners of the award will be announced during the festival.

The Madison Street Capital Investment Company

Madison Street Capital, LLC (MSC) is an international banking company that provides financial advisory services, valuation services, mergers and acquisitions and financial opinions.

Here is a brief description of services offered by MSC:

1) MSC recognizes and evaluates strategic acquisition targets for its customers and offers capital raising projects to fund growth strategies.

2) MSC helps customers with the design and implementation of successful ‘exit strategies’ in connection with sell-side mandates.

3) MSC carries out an extensive diagnosis of its customers’ competitive edge to formulate and undertake accretive transactions.

Madison Street Capital is the leading provider of valuation services and mergers &acquisitions advisory and prides itself of accomplishing more than 100 in-house deals under exclusive contract. MSC has the experience, knowledge, and connections around the world to match active buyers and sellers. The firm can also match the right funding and capitalization structure to meet every client’s unique need.

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Cook Islands, The Brexit and The future of Britain

A lot of people want to know more about a Brexit gold coin these days. They want to protect their assets and are willing to read as much as they can about this interesting topic. We are going to talk a little bit about a country that has something to commemorate Brexit. We will also let you know about investing in gold and the Brexit`s aftermath.

The United Kingdom voted to leave the famous EU on June 23. This is a historical feat, and the press all over the world spread the world like wildfire. The reality of British isolation has sent the money and stock markets on a roller coaster right away. The Cook Islands is going to commemorate the date by issuing three coins. Coin Invest Trust will use a special program to do this.

Brexit Gold Coins

The official producer of silver and gold coins in the United Kingdom is Royal Mint. The organization said that their sales have just soared in June, as customers need to buy Britannia bullion coins and signature gold bars as soon as possible. Great Britain has to face the risk that comes with leaving the EU, but a lot of people are encouraging others not to purchase gold in a physical form. Gold is a risky asset, as you can lose it at any moment of the day or night as well.

Purchasing a silver or gold investment funds make more sense than just getting a gold billion, which might get lost quickly. Gold funds are strong performers in the investment landscape in the United Kingdom, though they dropped eighty percent just 2 years before. A lot of individuals are buying gold these days, as they want to protect their assets against any catastrophe out there. If you want to save some money, you have to purchase a gold-exchange-traded fund. Investing in Bitcoins is also a good idea if you think that gold is just too exploitative or old school for your particular investment portfolio.
The Cook Islands is a beautiful country full of life and incredible settings. They want to commemorate the Bretix, and they have been working hard to do the right things at the right time. A lot of people are also concerned about the future of Great Britain after Bretix, so they are buying gold bullion and gold funds like crazy these days.

Equities First Holdings On Comparing Business Loans

Equities First Holding has been helping businesses find the capital they need to operate since 2002. This company has offices in nine countries. They often help business executives find capital when more conventional lenders have not caught the company’s vision yet. In doing so, they have completed more than 650 stock transactions worth over $1.4 billion dollars.

Al Christy Junior, CEO of Equities First Holding said recently that businesses need to consider three types of loans, according to an article recently published on Market Wired. First, companies can consider a conventional loan from a traditional lender. These loans often carry tight loan qualifications meaning that some companies will not qualify. They also often have a high-interest rate making the payoff terms unreasonable. A bank loan must be paid back regardless of circumstances.

Christy also says that businesses may want to consider a margin-based loan. With these loans, executives put up a share of stock in exchange for the loan. Usually, these loans have a 10 to 50 percent loan-to-value ratio. The lender may demand that the money be spent for a particular purpose. The lender reserves the right to liquidate the stock if a margin call occurs. Executives have the right to walk away from these loans.

For many people, however, a stock-based loan is a better choice, according to Christy. These loans have a loan-to-value ratio of between 50 and 75 percent. There is no restrictions on how the money is spent. Borrowers can walk away from these loans. The lender cannot participate in margin calls using the stock.

Christy says that a stock-based loan is a great choice for many businesses because of its flexibility.


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Mike Baur Shows That He Likes To Help Start Ups

One thing that could be said is that regular jobs are overrated. One of the reasons that jobs were hard to come by for a while was that many people depended too much on working for someone else’s company. The fact of the matter is that there needs to be entrepreneurs and new businesses for there to be more jobs. This is why Mike Baur runs Swiss Start Up Factory. He wants to help with the success of upcoming companies so that they can provide jobs for people. He encourages people to go into business for themselves so that they could support themselves and continue to provide opportunities for others to work on.


As of recently, Swiss Start Up Factory has launched a partnership with CTI Invest. They have decided to strengthen their relationship and work on a couple of different fields in cooperation with each other. They have held discussions on the particular areas that they are going to take on so that the other company can handle its own part of the deal. One thing that both companies have in common is that they are both certified as “Playing Lean” facilitators. This could probably help them work together with the Lean Concept. CTI Invest is going to be involved with the ore-selection as well as coaching people. CTI will also be involved with the investor’s Demo Day.


One thing that is a very important part of business success is the ability to make the right connections. Mike Baur has managed to make some good connections with his Swiss Start Up Factory. Not only will he still continue to help people with their start ups. He will also experience greater success with his company with his new partnership.


Digital entrepreneurs will continue to have Swiss Startup Factory the source to go to for all of their needs when it comes to getting their business off of the ground.


A Bright Future for Michael Zomber


Michael Zomber is a talented and gifted man who has a wide array of interests. His experiences both good and bad have led him to the place he is today. He has learned a great deal from the past and looks forward each day to a bright future that is filled with happiness.

Creativity in Life

The creative thought process allows Michael Zomber to reach great heights in both his personal and business life. His book entitled Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan was published in 2009, according to Barnes and Noble, with great fanfare. He is a born story teller having written many novels and screen plays including Sweet Betsy That’s Me, Soul of Samurai, Son of Kentucky, Park Avenue, and Jesus and the Samurai. His historical background has led him to write stories that encompass a wide array of topics.

Historical Background

As a renowned historian, Michael Zomber has become involved in a mission to foster peace around the world. He supports many organizations including UNICEF, Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, and Global Exchange. He has appeared on the History Channel numerous times as a guest historian. Soul of the Samurai is a documentary produced by Michael and his wife Andrea by Renascent Films LLC, an independent film company that they own.

The Path to Success

Michael received a degree in English Literature and Psychology, and then later attended UCLA where he got a masters in English Literature. It was during this time that he discovered his talent for writing and his love for the Japanese culture. After graduating, he began collecting antique arms including guns and swords. This interest started out as a hobby but has become a huge part of his life on which he has based many of his literary works. Michael Zomber has a bright future as an author, director, historian, philanthropist, and antique collector, but his real joy is spending time with his family in Philadelphia.

Financial Advisor Kyle Bass Thinks China Will Be Forced To Bail Out Their Banks Soon


The Chinese are a proud people. Most of the information that comes out of China is structured so the Chinese don’t lose face with the rest of the world. The Chinese economy was once the largest in the world, and the Chinese leaders want to hold that position again. But the Chinese manufacturing based economy started to stall a few years ago, and the government had to scramble to keep their Growth Domestic Product percent up to the new normal which was between six and ten percent. The Chinese government has been dipping into their massive cash reserves for more than 18 months, and investors like Kyle Bass say that’s a sign that there is something rotten in the Chinese economic figures. Kyle Bass is sure that China is going to hit an economic wall similar to the wall the U.S. hit in 2008, and he is betting millions of dollars that will trigger a massive devaluation of their currency.



Kyle Bass isn’t the only hedge fund investor that has millions riding on a Chinese economic meltdown, according to UsfulStooges. Several big hedge funds have placed the same bet, and they are just waiting for the hammer to fall on the Chinese banks. Kyle Bass thinks the Chinese banks have a huge amount of bad debt on their books, and the government will be forced to erase the debt using capital reserves. The Chinese are formidable foes, so Bass has a fight on his hands, but Bass is used to fighting.



But there have been other questionable bets that have left a very bad taste in the mouths of investors. When he sided with GM over the faulty steering mechanism situation, he lost credibility. When he sided with former Argentina President Cristina de Kirchner, he lost more credibility when she defaulted on her debt bonds. Chris Kyle’s widow claims the Bass hedge fund, Hayman Capital, is unethical, and some of the drug companies agree with her because Hayman Capital is betting against their stock using what some of them call, “inside information.”

Securus Provides Good Kids With The Visitation They Deserve

There are foster kids in the system who get sent through my home a lot, and I am responsible for doing all I can for them before they have to move on to another home or get adopted. The adoption process for these kids can take a long time, and some of them have parents who are in jail. The courts might allow for these kids to have visitation with their natural parents, and that is where I have to use Securus.

I have Securus on my phone that is paid for by the state, and they let me know how to use Securus to offer visitation to the kids who are under my care. They get to talk to their parents a couple times a week when their parents are in jail, and I can host the visitation right there in my home.

I can see their parents on the video phone call, and I speak to them about how it went. The kids are excited to get the chance to see their parents, and their parents can talk to them about anything they think they should talk about. It is much easier for me and the kids to get visitation in without going to the jail, and it is all housed on my phone.

I have actually told other people to use Securus to make sure they can see inmates on the other side of the call, and someone who wants to be sure they are checking on an inmate can download the app to any device they want. I use it every week, and every foster parent I know does the same thing.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.