Omar Boraie Development: Making New Brunswick into a World Class City


In an article published through the Central Jersey Working Moms, we get a comprehensive understanding of Omar Boraie and Boraie Development LLC. Omar Boraie, who is the head of Boraie Development, is a visionary. He is an Egyptian immigrant, who moved to New Brunswick 40 years back. He has shown interest in rebuilding New Brunswick as he had seen in his travel to Europe. Today, he has seen that dream come to a realization.

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate developer which is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Its specialty is in urban development. Through the company, Boraie has been able to build modern offices and condos in downtown New Brunswick. But this has not happened without disapproval from people who thought he was crazy for carrying out such a huge investment in such an area. Boraie Development still continues to build quality offices and condos in New Brunswick.

About Boraie Development

In a report by Rutgers, Boraie is dedicated to building great properties by working with the best architects and contractors. Their first project was the Albany Street Plaza Tower one. This building was a first of many projects that were to come. After the construction of this building, the people who doubted him started to believe in his vision. His latest project is the Aspire. This residential building has added to the attraction in New Brunswick. It charges $2,800 per month for a two-bed roomed apartment. Through the development projects in New Brunswick brought about by Boraie Development, the town has become more sophisticated as compared to how it was 15 years back. You can visit their company profile

Boraie Development Future

Boraie Development still hopes to go big in the near future. They plan to start a new commercial site near the train station found on Albany Street. Omar Boraie plans on attracting science firms and innovative tech. His next project will be Albany Street Tower Three.

Final Note

Boraie has always had a vision for New Brunswick since he moved into the town as a young man. At 73 years, he still hopes to continue bringing into reality the vision he has in his heart. He has incorporated his children into this investment projects. This gives him a chance not only to work but to spend time with his family. He does not take credit for making what New Brunswick is today. Mr. Boraie acknowledges other companies that have made a contribution in changing the city.

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