New York City Attorney Jeremy Goldstein Lends His Support To Fountain House

Attorney Jeremy Goldstein is on the board of directors of the not-for-profit Fountain House. This New York City-based organization helps people who have a mental illness.

In order to provide financial support for this organization, Jeremy Goldstein and two other board members held two private wine dinners which were in May and June of 2018. They invited high-profile guests from across New York and managed to raise $56,000.

Fountain House was started in the 1940s by a group of people who had a mental illness and wanted to help each other recover. It is named after the house this group purchased that had a distinctive fountain in its garden.

They provide a place for their members to stay and help them in many other ways such as providing access to job training and jobs themselves through their partners. They also operate a farm where their members can work in a large variety of capacities. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein: and

Other ways that Fountain House helps their members is by helping them complete their education. Many of their members dropped out of high school or college due to their mental illness and so by completing their education they gain access to higher level positions than they otherwise would be able to attain.

Due to the work of Jeremy Goldstein and the other board members, Fountain House’s program has been adopted by other organizations in America and throughout the world. Read more: and

There are now around 300 organizations using their model in 32 states and in 30 nations other organizations have done the same.

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