Matthew Fleeger Keeping Gulf Coast Western on Top

Matthew Fleeger is the President of Gulf Coast Western, a major Texas based oil and gascompany. Before becoming president of the company that was started by his father in 1970, he has worked for many companies and achieved great business success. He also started his own company called MedSolutions that dealt with managing, disposing and treating medical waste. He later sold MedSolutions and became the president of his family company Gulf Coast Western in the year 2007. He continues to hold the position of President till today.

The secret of Mathew Fleeger’s business success is his ability to schedule tasks. He writes his task lists and separates the priority tasks from other tasks. He is able to progress at a steady pace by giving importance to priority tasks over other tasks. He also believes in keeping a correct work and life balance and makes sure that he makes time for his family and insists on dropping his children off at school every morning. He first imagines the sort of outcome his venture is to have and works at achieving the outcome. He thinks of ways to motivate his employees so that they enjoy working in his company.

Matthew Fleeger has helped his family business grow by making the company more efficient without losing his employees. He has a positive attitude even during adverse business conditions. He is a philanthropist who supports seven charities and non-profit organizations.

Mathew Fleeger is a businessman who believes in a personal approach to success. He makes sure that his family and personal life are given equal importance as his business. He also makes sure that he personally helps his employees to stay motivated in their work for business success. He also uses the profits from his business to financially support charities that help those in need.