Lori Senecal Global CEO – Departure

Lori Senecal, Global CEO of CP+B, has announced that she plans on leaving both CP+B and the advertising industry as a whole in search of new career avenues or retirement. In the two years she was CEO, being in charge of growth and expansion, Lori grew the company to ten international offices. She steps down unexpectedly but willingly, with a well drawn out and detailed plan behind her as to what the company will do without her. No replacement has been named as of the posting of this article, but CP+B is currently seeking out her successor, with a temporary one being named in Danielle Aldrich. The company claims to have brought her on in the first place for her management genius and organizational strengths, and it paid off with a twenty-one percent revenue increase as a return. She claims to have never lost a client while working with CP+B, which is considered mind boggling in the modern times. For more details visit Huffingtonpost.


Lori Senecal was also solely responsible for CP+B’s global presence in the world with big successes in American Airlines, and she’s created the structure with which their worldwide management and communications process sits on. Lori Senecal says with the global team established in Miami, Brazil, Europe, and Beijing, she feels comfortable stepping down knowing that the company will continue to grow and succeed. Winner of Ad Age’s Women to Watch of 2014 and Agency Executives to Watch in 2016, Lori jump started the creative renaissance that CP+B is currently embarking on, and claims her future is no longer in advertising and she no longer wishes to continue down that career route. When asked about potential replacements, people speculate they could come from the Swedish creative agency Fordman & Bodenfors, with no confirmation of such a thing at the moment. You can visit YouTube to see more videos.


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