Jacob Gottlieb Recap

Healthcare investor, Jacob Gottlieb, is getting ready to make some exciting changes to the Healthcare world. Gottlieb is considered a healthcare investment giant, as well as entrepreneur, and has his sights set on investing in a company called Altium Capital. Gottlieb goes for lesser known companies that have promising futures of bringing growth to the healthcare world, as well as enterprises that focus on medical treatment and health advancements.

Jacob Gottlieb, MD, CFA, PRMIA, already has one rather large investment that is a rather big stake. With over five and a half percent, he has invested in an oral medication that helps treat Diabetes, Oramed. It has already been tested and has seen successful results, as an Insulin capsule and analog capsule.

Another investment of Gottlieb’s is an innovative pharmaceutical company focusing their drugs on cardiovascular health. In addition, they have headquarters in the United States and in Ireland. The name of this fascinating company is called Amarin. They are working on one medication, called Vascepa, and it was FDA approved in 2012.

Gottlieb is investing in Oragenics. Oragenics is a company founded by two physicians twenty two years ago (in 1996). Oragenics has worked on Replacement Therapy (which is novel antibiotics against certain bacteria). This type of therapy works to help fight against tough strains of bacteria.

Overall, Gottlieb’s investments have cost him over $8 billion dollars.

Gottlieb’s offices have grown since he started thirteen years ago. He has offices in San Francisco, New York City, and even in London, UK. His next investment, Altium Capital, is looking to be another success to add to his impressive repertoire of health investments since 2005.

These are all but a few of Gottlieb’s investments, and we shall see in the coming months what Altium Capital can do for the healthcare industry.