An In-Depth Look at the Career Life of Experienced Wine Connoisseur, Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson is the owner of Jackson Family Wines, a family owned vintner based in Sonoma County in California. Julia Jackson interest in the winemaking business began when she was young. While in high school, Julia spent her summers at the family winery. In the process, Julia made friends with her father’s employee who was from France. As a result, Julia got an opportunity to spend one of the summers in Bordeaux, France. While there she learned French culture and language.

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Julia Jackson graduated with a bachelor’s degree in studio art from the Scripps College. She later earned a certificate in general management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Julia Jackson took over the family business after finishing her college education. At the company, she works at different levels of management and also acts as the firm’s spokesperson. Today, Julia works with Jackson Family Wines’ international marketing team helping to introduce the family brands to international markets.

Jackson Family Wines’ estate known as Cambria Estate Winery is popularly known for growing a variety of grapes used by the company for wine making. According to Julia, the Sonoma-based estate is hosts some of the best cabernets in the globe. The company carries several wines including Freemark Abbey, Murphy-Goode, La Crema, Stonestreet, Cambria, and Matanzas Creek.

Involvement in Philanthropy

Julia and her sister Katherine founded Seeds for Empowerment; a nonprofit organization focused on empowering women in developing countries. The group donates $100,000 each year to “Warrior Women.” Through the organization, Dr. Victoria Kisyombe from Tanzania reached over 200,000 women and improved their traditional micro-finance systems with a goal of empowering women to open businesses.

Presentation at the South Beach Seafood Week

During the 4th Annual South Beach Seafood Week, Jackson Family Wines plans to present one of their best wine brands, La Crema. The firm’s sommeliers Thomas Price and Larry O’Brien will also offer the audience with wine education.

Recruiting with best, Julie Zuckerberg

Employees are one of the greatest assets any organization can have. In as much as this is true, finding the best employees is not an easy task. It takes the best to find the best. When looking to hire employees to your organization, Julie Zuckerberg is one of the people you need to consider for successful recruitment. Julie Zuckerberg is a seasoned recruiter with an eye for talent. Currently, Julie is located in New York and holds the position of Talent Acquisition Leader and Executive Recruitment Lead at Deutsche Bank. Julie is educated in Philosophy and Law from the City University of New York, Brooklyn, and the New York Law School respectively.Her education coupled with active industry experience is what makes her reputable when it comes to recruitment services.


For seasoned professionals, success does not come overnight. It is a constant process involving taking challenges to better yourself. Julie’s success has come out of the many jobs she has done. Mrs. Julie started her recruitment career at Hudson where she spent close to five years as the director for candidate replacement. Though inexperienced at the time, Julie’s input was treasured and helped the organization hire the best employees in the industry. Some of her job responsibilities included hiring attorneys, case managers, paralegals, and support staffs. Thanks to the law degree that Julie has, she was able to identify some of the best employees for the job effortlessly. In addition to hiring, Julie was able to provide critical information pertaining the particular job, their details and guidelines, promotions, and other benefits. She also acted as a contact person between the company and its clients and also offered her counseling services to the employees undergoing difficult times.


2007 saw Julie Zuckerberg advance her career and join Citi Global Consumer Bank, New York, for the position of Executive Recruiter. At Citi Global, Julie was employed more as a consultant. Her duties were to advise the company on key recruitment strategies that would help give the organization an upper hand over its competitors in the market. Julie shared her expertise on talent acquisition, relocation, negotiations, and immigration among other complicated recruitment factors. By the time of leaving the organization, Julie Zuckerberg had understood the market well, gaining a valuable skill set that allowed her to flawlessly source for employment talent all over the world. Currently, Julie Zuckerberg is at Deutsche Bank. Her position as the Talent Acquisition Leader enables her to employ the best professionals in the banking sector and extend her counseling and coaching services skills to them.


When Julie Zuckerberg is not involved in recruitment services at her place of work, she likes taking pictures, running, and improving her tech skills. With the global nature of business today, Julie believes in social media as one of the greatest recruitment tools. By taking a key eye on social media, she is able to spot the best key talents from all over the world thereby helping most businesses employ the right kind of staff.


Julie Zuckerberg: How She Excelled in the Recruitment Sector

Julie Zuckerberg is the perfect example of professional success in recruitment career. She is a New York-based Recruitment Specialist. Right now, she is serving as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank. She also has an impressive and long career in recruitment and other HR functions in different organizations.


Julie Completed her studies in Psychology from City University of New York-Brooklyn College and also joined New York Law School to study Law. Her career in recruitment started with Hudson, a recruitment firm that she joined in 2002 as the Director of Candidate Placement. In this position, she was responsible for recruiting attorneys, case managers as well as support staff for different law firms. She also helped new recruits with counseling and served as a bridge between the recruits and the employers to resolve any work-related issues with her excellence conflict resolution skills. She worked at Hudson for more than five years and then she took employment Citi Global Functions as Executive Recruiter and took on a larger role in talent acquisition. While serving in this position, Julie was responsible manage full recruitment process for senior levels positions with legal, compliance and audit background. During this time, she also implemented a variety of innovative recruitment methods such as the use of social media, internet search as well as referrals. In 2007, she became the Executive Recruiter at Citi Global Consumer Bank started recruiting for senior level positions in CitiCards and Citi Global Consumer Marketing as well as its Internet Office. During this stage, she started recruiting on a global level and proactively worked with the line managers. She was also responsible for managing and retaining search firms and managed complex negotiation process.


Afterward, Julie moved to the Insurance sector by joining New York Life Insurance Company as the Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead & Corporate Vice President in 2013. In this position, Julie managed all experienced hire recruitment including talent strategy development as well as offer development and execution. For this, she partnered with senior management to analyze their needs and provided them pro-active advising. In 2014, Julie Zuckerberg joined Deutsche Bank as the Vice President & Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition. In this role, she continued with unprecedented success and partnered with hiring managers and business partners to carry out recruitment for senior-most positions in the bank. She was also responsible for managing contract governance and business relationships with external search firms and designed as well as implemented the regulatory based recruitment process for this bank. In 2015, Julie was appointed as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead of this bank with responsivity to oversee its Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients, Asset Management, and GTO recruitment issues. She is now managing top level recruitment issues, overseeing offer development & negotiation process, counseling hiring managers and also managing sourcing firms. In addition, she is also managing and providing strategic guidance and coaching to her recruitment team as well.


She is currently based in New York and involved with a number of voluntary organizations. She also has a keen interest in Arts & Culture, Animal Welfare, Human Rights and Economic Empowerment.


How Doe Deere Turned Her Unique Aesthetic Into A Highly Successful Brand

In 2008, a Russian-born girl with a bright and bold aesthetic decided to launch a cosmetics brand. Doe Deere had been playing around with colorful makeup and whimsical fashion since she was a little girl, and she was disappointed to find that popular makeup brands weren’t offering the bright and colorful products she was looking for.


Today, Lime Crime boasts millions of social media followers and its playful products fly off the shelves. Beauty bloggers can’t wait to get their hands on the newest Lime Crime products to share with their devoted readers. Retail giant Urban Outfitters has even taken an interest in Lime Crime’s coveted cosmetics, adding the brand’s famous lipsticks to its e-commerce website.


Deere can breathe a sigh of relief now that her entrepreneurial dream has paid off. By staying true to her own unique aesthetic, she has earned the loyalty of millions of fans who love her unique point of view and look up to her as a beauty guru. However, launching and maintaining such a successful company wasn’t always a piece of cake.


Deere is refreshingly candid about her past struggles and insecurities when it comes to Lime Crime. Notably, a security breach a few years back left an enormous number of Lime Crime customers vulnerable as their financial information was stolen. It took Deere considerable time to increase the security of her company’s website and earn back the trust of her followers.


Today, Deere knows her business like the back of her hand. Through trial and error, she has developed a keen understanding of how to maintain Lime Crime’s success through different business strategies. As the CEO, she has learned the importance of being the kind of boss who is fair and personable. By letting her employees know that they are valued, they are more productive and personally invested in the success of the brand.


Deere has also learned the importance of offering top notch customer service. She has realized that in order to keep customers coming back, good communication needs to be maintained and customers need to feel valued.


Perhaps the greatest asset to the company that has brought Deere so much success is her unique aesthetic vision. Instead of setting out to capitalize on current beauty trends, Deere introduced something fully unique to the cosmetics industry. She launched makeup products that feature playful imagery and unique color choices. By filling in this gap in the market, her brand is easily recognizable. Plus, the products are vegan and cruelty-free, appealing to animal lovers.


When asked if Deere has any advice for other entrepreneurs out there, she insisted that business-minded people trust their intuition. She credits her own success with her reliance on her gut feelings. Clearly, her gut feelings have been right so far.

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The adventures of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is a businesswoman and lawyer from Brooklyn, NY who graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelor’s degree and once worked as the editor-in-chief at the University of California. She started her law career in 1984 working for Richard A. Posner and in 1985 she became a law clerk for Harry Blackmun in U.S. Supreme Court. Now, she is currently a managing director and chief compliance officer for Hall Capital Partners LLC. Before she joined the company in 2007. Morrison has managed the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco from 1999 to 2007, where she was responsible for litigation security enforcement and regulatory matters in Northern California and five Northwestern states. Morrison is set to manage the enforcement and examination programs with San Francisco’s jurisdiction.


She is also a member of the BRPF as well as the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. Where she occasionally speaks about subjects anywhere from compliance to the legal problems that affect private funds and investment advisers. Morrison is also known for representing clients who were sued by SEC, defending security clients in class action suits and security industry officers in certain SEC investigations. Not only that, but she defended brokers and stock broker firms who were sued by customers.  She stated that the San Francisco District Office has doubled from 30 to 60 in the last 5 years, which means extra work for the enforcement and examination staff members.