An In-Depth Look at the Career Life of Experienced Wine Connoisseur, Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson is the owner of Jackson Family Wines, a family owned vintner based in Sonoma County in California. Julia Jackson interest in the winemaking business began when she was young. While in high school, Julia spent her summers at the family winery. In the process, Julia made friends with her father’s employee who was from France. As a result, Julia got an opportunity to spend one of the summers in Bordeaux, France. While there she learned French culture and language.

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Julia Jackson graduated with a bachelor’s degree in studio art from the Scripps College. She later earned a certificate in general management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Julia Jackson took over the family business after finishing her college education. At the company, she works at different levels of management and also acts as the firm’s spokesperson. Today, Julia works with Jackson Family Wines’ international marketing team helping to introduce the family brands to international markets.

Jackson Family Wines’ estate known as Cambria Estate Winery is popularly known for growing a variety of grapes used by the company for wine making. According to Julia, the Sonoma-based estate is hosts some of the best cabernets in the globe. The company carries several wines including Freemark Abbey, Murphy-Goode, La Crema, Stonestreet, Cambria, and Matanzas Creek.

Involvement in Philanthropy

Julia and her sister Katherine founded Seeds for Empowerment; a nonprofit organization focused on empowering women in developing countries. The group donates $100,000 each year to “Warrior Women.” Through the organization, Dr. Victoria Kisyombe from Tanzania reached over 200,000 women and improved their traditional micro-finance systems with a goal of empowering women to open businesses.

Presentation at the South Beach Seafood Week

During the 4th Annual South Beach Seafood Week, Jackson Family Wines plans to present one of their best wine brands, La Crema. The firm’s sommeliers Thomas Price and Larry O’Brien will also offer the audience with wine education.

Traveling Vineyard: A New Way To Wine

If you want wine in California, what is the first place that you picture? Well Napa Valley of course! Napa creates images of lush vineyards and beautiful wineries, but that’s not all there is to Napa. Why not take the road less traveled and explore the lesser known, but still pretty awesome parts of Napa. Here is a list of the favorite things to do in Napa as stated by a Traveling Vineyards wine guide.

If you’re in Napa and you have a passion for art, you have got to check out the Napa art walk. They’ve got work from top artist that is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Maybe art isn’t your thing. Why not take a cooking class at the Silverado Cooking School. Everyone knows that there’s nothing better to have a glass of wine with than a plate of delicious food. World famous chefs will teach you the skills you need from beginner to advanced.

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For all you nature enthusiasts, take a stroll at the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. Take a bottle of wine with you and enjoy a nice glass while taking in the scenic views of the Mount St. Helena summit. Just don’t forget the water!

Despite all of the cool things to do in Napa that don’t involve wine, most of us still want to take part in that iconic wine tasting. If you love wine and want a flexible schedule with plenty of room for travel, why not consider becoming a Traveling Vineyards wine guide. You get to travel and meet other enthusiast just like you, while also educating those who aren’t so sure and bringing them in to the wine lover’s club. With Traveling Vineyards, you get to become apart of a loving family. Support is never more than a call away. Follow the Traveling Vineyard on Twitter.

Let’s look at what a Traveling Vineyard wine guide does and if it’s for you. Traveling Vineyards is a company that strives to change how the world views wine as stuffy and pretentious and bring it to a level that is relatable to all as a good time with good company. They bring the wine to you and host a great party led by an educated ambassador in your home with your friends. They take the mystery out of choosing a wine that’s for you by educating you in a warm and friendly manner. Check out Traveling Vineyard to learn more about your next opportunity!

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Getting The Best Wine From France

Many wine consumers assume that when it comes to wine, only the location matters. They believe the soil and climatic conditions that the grapes are grown in affect the final taste of the wine. What they should know is that different countries have different methods of labeling wine. Some are labeled with the country of origin while others are labeled using the grape variety used.

UKV PLC is one of the largest wine suppliers in France that gives advice to wine consumers. to look out for wines from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Loire regions in France.

UKV PLC is a UK-based wine firm established in 2015. They invest in supplying high-quality wines and champagne of unique class. They have a team of experts with the wealth of knowledge on wines. These professionals will give you personal experiences till you get the best wine desired. You can obtain wine for home consumption; resale or any other purpose. UKV PLC has connections to a vast network of vineyards that offer the best wines in the market.

Ordering wine and champagne from UKV PLC is an assurance of getting high-quality wines and champagne. The company stocks different wines allowing you to choose from a wide range. Being a major supplier, UKV PLC offers the best wines at a reduced price and can guide you on the appropriate wine for the purpose intended. The company also has an online service where you can place an order and the wines will be delivered to your doorstep.