Rocketship Education and Fine Learning Journeys

People often vow to make massive changes at the beginning of the year. January symbolizes peoples’ current statuses. It also symbolizes their plans for the future. Students like to take stock in their lives at the start of the year, too. Adjustments are particularly critical for people who are studying. These kinds of individuals are only just beginning to figure out their places in the world. Rocketship Education is known for guiding the United States’ finest students. The instructors who are on the Rocketship Education staff back holistic academic journeys as well. Students who are part of Rocketship Education get the chance to learn in settings that are imaginative and contemporary. They also get the chance to be around teachers who go the extra mile to make their learning sessions worth it.

Rocketship Education enables students to understand the power of handling time well. Students who are part of it can figure out how to assess all academic projects and figure out which ones are the most pressing at the moment. Rocketship Education talks to students about splitting school tasks up. Splitting tasks up can stop students from getting overwhelmed. Having to tackle one lengthy project at once can often be quite discouraging to students. Splitting them up, on the other hand, can frequently raise efficiency considerably.

RSED or Rocketship Education was created in 2006 in San Jose, California. It’s a not-for-profit group that consists of many charter schools. John Danner and Preston Smith are the two people who set Rocketship Education up. Its main location now is in Redwood City, California. There are many schools nowadays that are part of the Rocketship Education system. They’re not only located in and around San Francisco, California either. Rocketship public schools are in Washington, D.C., Nashville, Tennessee and even Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Smith is Rocketship’s Chief Executive Officer. He has the assistance of various esteemed team members, too. He works with Chief Program Officer Lynn Liao, Schools Vice President Jaclyn O’Brien, Community Engagement Officer Cheye Calvo, Chief Financial Officer Keysha Bailey and Communications and Marketing Vice President Chris Murphy. Rocketship Education has regional directors, too.