NGP Van Is Proud To Power Progress In 2018 And Beyond

2017 was a big year for progressive candidates and NGP Van is here to make sure that this progress continues to take place in 2018 and beyond. 2017 was a year full of protests and hard work. That’s why NGP Van looks to simplify the process for progressive candidates by offering them the tools that they need to make even greater strides.


No one can handle all of these concerns on their own and NGP Van is well aware of the fact. No progressive candidate is going to be able to knock on every door or call every phone. There are strongholds buried deep within the red states that need to be targeted. Without the assistance of NGP Van, these goals become more difficult to achieve.


Powering progress in the years to come is our main objective. We understand that many are becoming engaged in politics for the first time as a result of the current climate that we are living in. This is highly understandable and offering the necessary resources so that the message can spread is key.

With our proven campaign tools at your disposal, resistance is made possible. 2017 was a crucial step in the process but the battle is far from over. Working to engage voters in areas that are not well educated on progressive points of view is important but we cannot go it alone.


NGP VAN will remain by your side in the years to come and pave the way for even further progress. The events of 2017 were encouraging for progressive voters but there is still much to be done. Republicans are not going to stop spreading their harmful agendas. They must be met with an equal amount of vim and vigor.


Republicans were running scared in 2017 and it is our collective responsibility to keep the pressure in 2018 and beyond. A near victory might have been deflating for some but this is not the time to give up. Looking forward to the next big fight is what we are all about here at NGP VAN. We are here to assist all of our clients so that they can continue to resist going forward.