USHEALTH Groups Insurance Options

USHEALTH use the acronym HOPE, standing for Helping Other People Everyday, to remind the management, staff, and contracted agents exactly what they need to be doing. The companies headquarters is in Dallas, Texas and they are America’s choice when it comes to healthcare.

Subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group

Through USHEALTH Groups subsidiaries National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America they show their dedication by providing innovative disability, accident, specified disease or sickness, and life insurance solutions to people who are self-employed and small business owners.

Through these insurance companies, they serve over 15 million customers individually tailored plans for over 50 years.

Customer’s Needs

The USHEALTH Group can understand that each customer will have different needs. They believe that you should have choices and that the customers value the options array they provide. They can choose which protection is most appropriate for their situation. Learn more about USHealth Advisors:

They have developed an extensive portfolio of coverages promoting customer choice. These innovative designs make USHEALTH Groups family of companies perfectly qualified to address every customer need for reliability, affordability, and flexibility in insurance selection.

Limited Budget Products

Customers on a limited budget or concerned about needing to satisfy high annual deductibles before receiving benefits, they offer an array of innovative products that provide benefits for certain services with no deductible and a network of discounts spanning various providers. Read more: Mark Darrough USHEALTH Advisors Agent

These plans are more affordable than the comprehensive plans but still protect with no deductible.

Hallmarks of USHEALTH Group

Customers that are wanting the security of tailored coverage and can afford this specific level of sharing the cost, USHEALTH Group has a family of companies offering unique selections of accident plans and specified disease and sickness plans.

These provide solutions that are flexible, reliable, and affordable. These traits are the hallmarks of the USHEALTH Group’s continuing commitment to satisfying the customers.

USHEALTH Group helps customers enhance the protection with a full line of ancillary products. These include vision, dental, term life insurance, income protector, short-term accident disability income, accident, specified disease and sickness, and critical illness plans.