How Felipe Montoro Jens Became an Infrastructure Expert

Felipe Montoro Jens is a renowned name in the financial industry based in Brazil. He is an expert in the infrastructure projects and has been a consultant in various projects across the whole country. He is also known for his expertise in helping advise several business arrangements between the government of Brazil and the private sectors. The arrangement is called Public-Private Partnerships.

Felipe Montoro used to work at Enel Group in the structured and project development industry. Felipe also worked with several companies and professionals who helped him develop his experience as well as expertise. Some of these people include Paulo Oliveira De Melo and also Luciano NutrGuidolin. His extensive experience in the industry has assisted him to expand in his career and have made him become a renowned figure in the industry. Find out more at to learn more.

Felipe Montoro has in his career industry held various positions in the boards of many companies. Besides working as a consultant, he also serves as the chairman of Director at Fonte Nova Negocios e ParticipaƧoes SA, Arboreal and EmpreendimentosImobiliƔrios, an Executive Officer at ConcessionariaInteroceanica Sur Tramo 3 SA, ConcesionariaTravase Olmos, and H2olmos. He also works as the Principal at Peru InversionesEn Infrastructure SA and also the renowned Maranon Energia.

Felipe Montoro began his education at the famous Oregon University and graduated in 1998. He later joined the famous UC Santa Barbra where he studied for a bachelors degree in History and Spanish and later pursued a masters degree in Health Promotion and Kinesiology. He also holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. He also attended the famous American Garvin School and also the FundaoGetulio Vargas.

Brazil has one of the largest economies in the whole world. It has so many opportunities that usually arises every day and Felipe is one of the few individuals who has dedicated their lives towards success. Felipe is the chief executive officer of Odebrecht Properties. The renowned investment specialist and the reporter happens to have a lot of experience in the industry. He has been able to play significant roles in his career and has proven great management skills.

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