Rubica Improves Personal Cyber Security

The relevance of personal cyber security has increased due to the growing number of cyber related threats. The proliferation of cyber attacks has led to damages to firms, governments, and individuals. Recently, a huge organization known as WannaCry suffered a significant cyber crime in May 2017. The company has inscribed a ransom that summed up to approximate 300,000 computers and digital software in more than 150 nations. However, due to the subjection of cyber crimes to anyone, I am a victim of cyber attack.


From the 2013-2015 periods, the number of cyber attacks quadrupled to almost $500 billion. According to a survey conducted by Global State of Information Security, personal cyber security can be enhanced by transforming business ecosystems to digital standards. Statistics report that own cyber security is an area that requires commitment. More firms, government departments, and organizations are adopting different mechanisms to cub cyber attack. Ventures in cyber security indicate that if the problem is not handled, cyber attack’s cost will rise to $6 trillion yearly. The damages posed include intellectual property theft, fraud, embezzlement and hacking of systems and data.


Besides normal individuals being affected, politicians are also subjected to the attacks. During President Obama’s reign, Obama proposed a budget of $19 million for the cyber security industry. In May 2017, the United States of America President, Donald Trump, commissioned an executive order aiming at improving personal cyber safety in the nation. The act was specifically geared towards enhancing security in information technology national networks and the systems of infrastructure.


Rubica provides the solutions to cyber attacks. Rubica is made up of a team of experts who provide digital security services. Rubica is easy to use in instances of cyber crime. It usually carries its operations in the background, giving an alert when the action is required. With Rubica, you will gain confidence regarding your online privacy and safety. Hackers will no longer intimidate online users due to the availability of sophisticated Rubica services ( Rubica does away with the complexity that comes along with personal cyber security. For ease of access and help when hacked, get the Rubica application to your tablets and smartphones. Tracking any sought of cyber attackers will be convenient.