Get To Know Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a charter school network based in San Jose, California. This school was started right in the heart of Silicon Valley, and has a heavily tech-based curriculum. Today, Rocketship Education is part of a network with locations around the country. This school network focuses on underserved populations, typically Latino students, and helps them to outperform their peers on tests.

Rocketship Education was developed by John Danner, an internet entrepreneur in the field of advertising. In 2008, when the schools started, his goal was to have a million students enrolled by 2020. Today, in 2019, the number hovers well below that. Thirteen Rocketship Education schools are open, and enrollment is at over 5,000 students.

This school system does things differently. Instead of using certified teachers for all classes, Rocketship harnesses the power of technology. Students work in a computer-lab type setting for much of the day. They have facilitators, but not all of them are credentialed teachers. The variety of backgrounds and life experiences that these facilitators bring to the classroom is actually a real asset. See more in this article.

Parents love the way Rocketship Education does school. There are a lot of reasons for that. Firstly, there’s the results. Rocketship’s students routinely ace any standardized tests put in front of them. Parents know that this can mean the difference between a top-flight college and a middle-of-the-road one. But it’s more than that. Read about parent involvement in the system here.

Rocketship Parents talk about the excellence of the team at these schools. Everyone from the administrators to teachers and facilitators helps encourage and motivate kids. They not only give these kids the tools to do the job. They also give them the boost to stay motivated when it’s appropriate.

Though Rocketship Education hasn’t reached 1 million students yet, that day is coming. This educational model is too good to pass up. Hopefully, the message will spread to standard school systems, too.

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ClassDojo Releases a new app to help Bring About Positive Change Outside the Classroom

A recent post online detailed some of the features found in educational apps. More specifically, it focused on apps such as ClassDojo, that go beyond connecting teachers with parents. As an application designed to bring about ground-up change through better connections between parents, teachers and students, ClassDojo helps extend a student’s ability to learn outside of the classroom environment.

Not only have statistics shown that the ClassDojo application is being used in about 95 percent of elementary and middle schools located within the United States, they also show that one in every six children under the age of 14 is also using the app every day. The continued growth of the popularity of the ClassDojo app led the team behind it to offer an extension to the learning experience through the release of a new app called ClassDojo Beyond School. This new app is also designed as a communication platform for parents who are looking to provide their children with activities designed to provide a positive mindset.

The new app from ClassDojo utilizes some of the same desirable features found in their classroom application. The activities parents can guide their children through help promote better habits through mindfulness, reflection and meditation. This app also allows parents to provide positive feedback to their children through the use of digital points. The app comes with the type of fun character icons children have become familiar with, which help to make the process of learning more engaging. The ClassDojo Beyond School app is a unique way to engage children in activities that provide them with instant feedback for positive actions.

The new ClassDojo app reflects the company’s continuing effort to build a positive culture in classrooms and communities. Be allowing parents to extend the learning process for positive behavior, the new app empowers children with the ability to do their best. In addition to the built-in reward system, this app also comes with built-in videos that help parents guide their children through exercises for meditation. It also allows the video recording of children as they respond to preset questions designed to aid in self-reflection.