The Beauty of Lovaganza

For anyone who remembers the excitement and bygone era of World’s Fairs of the past, the Lovaganza 2020 is a gift. This is a Cinerama feel that is classic and will take place as international celebrations in 2020 from May to September. The many locations include Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East. By calling this “embarking on a Bohemian Adventure around the world”, the Lovaganza 2020 will offer fantastic and unique entertainment that feature all of the cultures on Earth. Exhibitions, motion pictures and immersive attractions will be shown to everyone, everywhere that will teach the world about the diverse cultures that grace this Earth.

The entertainment of Lovaganza will be featured under the “grand Chapiteau” and its Pavilions around the world in the eight major locations.

The Lovaganza Convoy trilogy will use mystery, comedy, action, drama and suspense by using cinema in a way that has never been done before. By utilizing the amazing Immerscope technology, Lovaganza trilogy will be seen by audiences around the world on a huge 180 degree glassless 3D screen in traveling theaters.

An unbelievable 360 degree stage show called Extravaganza of Love is an enormous stage production that will be seen under the Grand Chapiteau which is the major Pavilion of the Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations. The most gorgeous landscapes of Earth will be seen on a 360 degree, 3D wraparound screen. The show includes real life dancers, acrobats and actors working and performing together on stage to appreciate and admire all cultures of the world. The Extravaganza of Love is the main show of the Celebration and should not be missed by anyone coming to enjoy the Lovaganza 2020 at

The Lovaganza Traveling Show will actually be on the road in the years before the 2020 Celebrations in order to promote the affair and to give everyone a preview of what will be seen in 2020. It will begin with the Lovaganza Caravan when “guest explorers” will first learn about Lovaganza through The Marvelous 12 animated series on that will feature the diverse cultures of the world. The Traveling Show will also offer A Walk Around the World which will allow audiences everywhere a chance to “walk around the world”, in different continents and many countries. All of this is set out to teach the audiences everything that makes these nations unique while at the same time understanding how we are all united in many ways.