Lime Crime Helps Bring 2018 Beauty Trends to Life

Makeup should be fun, and the top 2018 beauty trends showcase fun and individuality. When it comes to the makeup to help users achieve these trends, Lime Crime is the source to turn to. After all, how could a company who creates, vegan, cruelty free makeup products for unicorns be anything, but fun. Check out some of the following trends to update your look.


Showcase your best features with highlighter this season. Highlighter gives you the glow that you need to show off the areas of your face that deserve special recognition. Lime Crime’s highlighter palettes give you three color options, use them all, or pick your favorite.

Matte Lipsticks

Glossy lips have had their day, now it’s time to show the matte colors some respect. Lime Crimes matte colors are stunning, but since they are matte, they let the rest of your face, especially your gorgeous eyes stand out for a change.

Don’t Skip the Purple

Incorporate purple into your look. Whether it’s your eye shadow palette, your lipstick, or your liner, purple is the color of the moment. Lime Crime has purple in all it’s glory, from light lavender, to deep royal purple and everything in between. Purple may very well be a unicorns favorite color this season.

Now that you have some up-to-the-minute information on beauty trends, pick out one more makeup products to freshen up your look. You don’t have to jump in and follow all of the trends, but choosing one or two will give your face a fun, updated look that screams 2018. Enjoy makeup, and have fun with it. Create a look that is uniquely you, or follow what you see on the runways, all that is important is that you are happy with the look you choose.