Where Kevin Seawright Went After Leaving The CEDC

Baltimore was please to welcome home a man that had done so much for its city services over the years and is now working to change its housing structure. That man is Kevin Seawright, an accountant and financier who had recently left the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation even though the city had begun several commercial renovation projects.

But now that he’s returned to Baltimore, he’s started making housing more affordable to all and pushing for safer communities with diverse inhabitants through his new company, RPS Solutions Inc. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:  https://twitter.com/kevinseawright2?lang=en and https://angel.co/kevin-seawright

Working together with both public and private contractors, RPS Solutions is opening new doors for first-time home buyers and others who might be left out of the housing market.

Kevin Seawright has earned a reputation for forward thinking and sound money management over the years. He holds degrees from Almeda University and Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business and has managed all kinds of funds from municipal bonds to various accounts receivables and tax dollars. He began by managing the finances of Baltimore’s Parks and Recreation department and cutting their expenditures by over half a million in one year.

He also managed the public school budgets and improved their transportation funding. He saw the City of Baltimore’s services improve overall when he introduced CitiStat to them in the mid 2000s.

Crunchbase reveals that Kevin Seawright moved from Baltimore to Washington D.C. around 2011, a year after he had managed the mayoral campaign of Otis T. Rolley. He served as operations financier for Tito Contactors and helped put together numerous commercial real estate development plans during his time there.

He was chosen to come to the Newark CEDC in 2014 to be a part of their redevelopment renaissance, a series of events that had numerous concert promotions and festivals to encourage newcomers to come to the city. After two years in Newark, Seawright started RPS Solutions back in Baltimore.

Seawright has spent time on the side working with youth and being a father figure to many, including Jerrel Brown who recently bought a home through RPS.

He is a father to a young daughter named Tia who plays sports. He’s sat on the boards of the National Public Administrators and Babe Ruth Museum.