A Look At Sawyer Howitt’s Role At Meriwether Group

Sawyer Howitt has been with Meriwether Group since 2015. He started out as a Business Strategy Analyst and was recently promoted to the role of a Project Manager. Sawyer Howitt’s focus at the company is on providing retail companies with the technology needed to take advantage of RFID Checkout. This type of checkout forgoes the need for a register and person to check you out when purchasing products.

Instead, the RFID chips on the products you are buying are automatically read as you leave the store and the customers debit or credit card is automatically charged.

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Meriwether Group is a company that helps businesses accelerate their sales. The mix of business services they provide includes expertise in sourcing, developing new products and enhancing existing ones, and how to introduce a new product to retail. Meriwether Group can also act as a capital partner for both short and long term loans.

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