Brazilian Business Mogul Jose Hawilla

It takes a certain amount of persistence, know-how, and luck to make it in the dog-eat-dog business world. Not everyone is cut out to make it as a business owner or entrepreneur. Although most successful entrepreneurs share a number of similar characteristics, there isn’t one steadfast approach to becoming an accomplished business owner. Instead, each prospective business mogul must pave his or her own path to success – coming across many trials and tribulations along the way.


The difference between a successful entrepreneur and an unsuccessful one is his or her ability to locate failures in their business and to grow and develop accordingly. Being successful means being a dedicated, creative, goal-oriented person with an unrelenting tenacity, audacious drive, and a high tolerance for failure. A serious entrepreneur will stop at almost nothing to make sure his business succeeds.




One such successful entrepreneur is Jose Hawilla, a Brazilian businessman who first made a name for himself in the world of sports journalism. At the young age of 17, he became a businessman, launching his very own company, The Traffic Group. Hawilla had a vision for success and had the drive and self-motivation to see his plan through to fruition. The Traffic Group is now Brazil’s largest sports marketing company to date.


Since 1991, Hawilla has been responsible for countless large sports tournaments, negotiating television deals and securing sponsorships with a number of high-profile companies such as Nike Inc and Coca-Cola Co. The company holds the television rights to a number of football, basketball, and golf sport events, boasts regional offices in Europe as well as the United States, and owns three football clubs through its subsidiary company Traffic Football Management. Check out baladain



The Traffic Group was not an overnight success; rather, this was a company Hawilla strengthened over a period of 30 years of hard work. The business was able to overcome challenges and identify avenues for growth, adjusting their business plan appropriately along the way. Hawilla had an unrivaled passion, dedication, and ingenuity – taking his small business that once sold ads to bus stops and making it into a multi-million dollar sports marketing powerhouse.