Guilherme Paulus: Taking Control Of CVC

Often, stories about an individual taking over a company mean someone passed away, or it was a company takeover. Rarely is one person ever left in control by choice. For more than 30 years, Guilherme Paulus has single-handedly led CVC Brasil Operadora to success after success.

In a recent interview, Paulus opened up about where CVC came from and how he ended up as its current leader. Until he was 24 years old, he hopped from one job to another, trying to gain real-world experience in the business world. He began as an IBM intern and wound up at Casa Faro as travel salesman.

While on a ship trip, he met a state deputy named Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. They talked about their jobs and where they hoped to be in a few years, and Cerchiari mentioned that he wanted to open a tourist agency in Santo Andre.

Paulus had no real experience, but loved the idea and began convincing Cerchiari to open the store. After more talks and figuring things out, they opened the CVC store on a little street with heavy foot traffic. In no time, their business was booming, and Cerchiari was able to leave and give the company to Paulus.

Though he was young, Guilherme Paulus had enough inventive ideas to continue growing the business. He took over day-to-day operations and managed to introduce several new services and offers. The most successful service being chartered flights throughout Brazil. Paulus obsessed over growing domestic tourism alongside international tourism.

Now, even in his older age, he continues leading his company into the future. His daily tasks consist of checking his weekly schedule and sticking to it. Thanks to technology, it’s easier for him to keep track of his schedule and stay organized. Technology also allows him to exchange information faster and remain in contact with his team.

The successful businessman finds it essential that department heads stay close to their employees and customers. Working in the touring and hospitality industry for more than 50 years and requires that he also be aware of market trends.

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