Jason Hope Donates to Anti-Aging Research

Jason Hope is a proud futurist and he has earned that title by working hard to establish himself in several different industries. An alum of Arizona State University, equipped with an MBA in Finance, Hope has helped to guide his career to a spot where he can put his money into making a positive impact on the world. Hope has done a lot for the world of mobile communications, in particular through his company Jawa, but he has done even more for anti-aging research. Hope made headlines around the world when it was revealed that he had donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is a non-profit anti-aging research facility located out of California. Let’s learn a little bit more about Hope in order to come to an appreciation of all the differences he is making.

If you were to have a conversation with Jason Hope, the overwhelmingly likely title he would take upon himself during your discussion is that of ‘futurist’. Hope has adopted the title and then made it a reality by constantly pushing the industry. Right now, the biggest ways that Hope is influencing the tech world is by focusing on anti-aging research and the Internet of Things. Let’s look at those two topics a little bit closer. The Internet of Things is a concept that refers to how smart technology is increasingly interacting with our daily life through the internet. Hope believes, and many analysts echo his thoughts, that the IoT is the next great industry in the tech world. There is a future coming where almost everything we do is automated and connected to the web.

The second point of research that Hope has been focusing on is anti-aging. Hope believes in the future of medicinal research for many reasons, chief among them his stance as a futurist. Medicine is always going to be heavily researched and more and more people are going to be looking for solutions to age-related illnesses. When Hope ended up finding the SENS Foundation a light clicked on in his head and he knew that he had to get involved. After donating, his chief hope was that his money would be used to help research age-related illness and disease, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Right now there is a defeatist attitude among many professionals in that they believe age-related illness is here to stay, but Hope is not one of them.

Dr. Mark Mofid on the Latest Cosmetic Surgery Trend

Dr. Mark Mofid is a rising surgeon working in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He also owns a series of offices, mainly working at his office in San Diego. The M. D. offers a variety of procedures including breast augmentation, fillers, facelifts, liposuction, and the still widely talked about gluteal augmentation.

The procedure made a debut to the mouth of social media worldwide in 2013, and after that, it became somewhat of a trend, at least for select people. Those who were not going to get under the knife used other means of achieving the result such as underwear with backside padding and harnesses to lift up the buttock, and make it look perkier, rounder, and more substantial.

Cosmetic surgery has been a trend over the years, rising and fading depending on the times. Celebrities and social media influencers have a lot to say on the matter buy what do the professionals performing the surgeries have to say?

Dr. Mark Mofid, for example, has been performing the surgery for gluteal augmentation for several years and completely backs up the procedure. He will gladly take patients for the process but only if his hard limits regarding the gluteal augmentation surgery are being respected and not overstepped.

As with any other cosmetic surgery procedure, this one also has its risks if it is overdone. Administering too large of an implant can lead to negative effects some time after as gravity will continually pull the implant down and it can even displace it so much that it leads to disfigurement. That is not to say that the results are unsightly, but the backside does lose its shape substantially, and the implants need to be removed as they can move and flip around in the body.

Because of that, Dr. Mark Mofid only administers up to 330 ccs if the body shape and build of the patient allow it. The first and foremost priority is the safety of the patient and their long-term satisfaction with the procedure. Dr. Mark Mofid strongly encourages surgeons who perform the procedure to set some had limits as well and to never overstep those boundaries for the sake of their medical integrity and the safety of their patients.

Kate Hudson and Fabletics Prove the Power of Crowd Leverage

The power of the crowd has new meaning for business today. There has been a decided shift in power from the seller to the buyer, as customers have discovered the use of reviews in making purchasing decisions. Surveys note that 84% of customers value real reviews even over recommendations from people they know. Customers have become savvy in finding real-time feedback from fellow customers. Reviews have become the most prevalent part of online shopping, even more, important than price.


One company that has folded seamlessly into leveraging the crowd is Fabletics. This is a relatively new activewear company, created by Adam Sandburg, Don Ressler and actress Kate Hudson. Their goal from the very beginning was to fill a fashion gap in active wear. People had the choice of buying quality clothes or buying affordable work out gear. Not to mention the drab and mostly functional style of active wear that was being offered. Hudson has helped to create vibrant and fashionable clothes at an affordable price.


Fabletics is almost obsessed with its customers which is the perfect attitude for today’s business. This company emphasizes the importance of positive reviews and customer feedback. Not only do they collect information, they respond to the reviews and make changes based on them. Fabletics was started in 2013 and because of their unique business model has grown over 200% and over one million members. Membership is another unique aspect of the company as people can join and get meaningful perks such as customized style consultation and monthly shipments. Shoppers are encouraged to take the style survey on the website to help pinpoint their personal likes and dislikes.


As Fabletics is proving, more and more shoppers research products and companies before making purchases. Half of the shoppers say that research businesses at least once a month and 50% of buyers read reviews regularly. Companies like Walmart, Target, and Amazon have begun paying attention to reviews because they know this drives purchase. Positive reviews ensure a higher place in search engines such as Google which means more traffic to the page. 74% of customers say that positive reviews would ensure the next step toward purchasing product.


Kate Hudson is an actress and a mom. She was the perfect spokeswoman for Fabletics because her fans know that she will not support things she doesn’t believe in. She influenced the company to rethink their communication styles and to enhance the review section of the website. 85% of sales at Fabletics come from return customers so reviews play an important part in the success of a company.


Shawn Gold, who is the CMO for Fabletics, says that it is no longer the company who defines who they are; it is the customer who tells other customers who the company is. If you ignore positive or negative reviews, your chances of succeeding have diminished. The unique strategy of leveraging the crowd is what makes Fabletics different and he says that a customer-focused company keeps it accountable and transparent. It is all about the customers and their feedback at this point, he explains. It is a different business world.

Lori Senecal Global CEO – Departure

Lori Senecal, Global CEO of CP+B, has announced that she plans on leaving both CP+B and the advertising industry as a whole in search of new career avenues or retirement. In the two years she was CEO, being in charge of growth and expansion, Lori grew the company to ten international offices. She steps down unexpectedly but willingly, with a well drawn out and detailed plan behind her as to what the company will do without her. No replacement has been named as of the posting of this article, but CP+B is currently seeking out her successor, with a temporary one being named in Danielle Aldrich. The company claims to have brought her on in the first place for her management genius and organizational strengths, and it paid off with a twenty-one percent revenue increase as a return. She claims to have never lost a client while working with CP+B, which is considered mind boggling in the modern times. For more details visit Huffingtonpost.


Lori Senecal was also solely responsible for CP+B’s global presence in the world with big successes in American Airlines, and she’s created the structure with which their worldwide management and communications process sits on. Lori Senecal says with the global team established in Miami, Brazil, Europe, and Beijing, she feels comfortable stepping down knowing that the company will continue to grow and succeed. Winner of Ad Age’s Women to Watch of 2014 and Agency Executives to Watch in 2016, Lori jump started the creative renaissance that CP+B is currently embarking on, and claims her future is no longer in advertising and she no longer wishes to continue down that career route. When asked about potential replacements, people speculate they could come from the Swedish creative agency Fordman & Bodenfors, with no confirmation of such a thing at the moment. You can visit YouTube to see more videos.


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