What next for Lori Senecal after she steps down as the Global CEO of CP+B

Lori Senecal is a renowned global entrepreneur with top range marketing skills and a robust personality. She has pioneered many innovative technology projects that aim at making the business environment favorable. Lori graduated from McGill University. Due to these skills, she managed to become the CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B). At CP+B, she oversaw the coordination of the firm’s offices across different regions while steering development in these areas.

In 2016, she led the business to win Advertising Age’s prestigious Creativity Innovations of the Year. Lori was one of the Advertising Age’s Women to Watch in 2014. Lori fell among the four Agency Executives to watch in 2016. The agency has also won the Titanium Grand Prix for the Dominos role. According to Advertising Age, CP+B’s total revenue increased by roughly 21% in 2016.

Besides, CP+B has won deals and business with giants like the American Airlines, Pay Pal, and Hershey. She formerly served as the Global Chairman of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal (KBS). From 2009, she served as KBS’ President and CEO. At KBS, Lori Senecal helped the firm expand a great deal ensuring a high rate of business growth. KBS now has over 1,000 employees and is operating globally due to effective leadership by Lori Senecal.

According to Campaign Live UK, Lori also worked with the McCann Group. At the New York based McCann Worldgroup, She served as the chief innovation officer. Her stellar performance ensured she ascended to the post of President of McCann-Erickson. She has helped prominent companies like Xbox, American Express, Vanguard, HomeGoods, BMW and Coca-Cola with their advertising.

Lori Senecal is set to step down from her role as the Global CEO of CP+B and go into the retirement setting up a succession race. According to Lori’s story on GC Report, she and the chairman of CP+B’s Board, Chuck Porter drafted the exit plan way back in 2015 when Lori had just joined the firm. Mr. Porter exuded confidence that Lori Senecal had performed overwhelmingly as the company’s CEO. He adds Lori has lost no client since she came on board. Among her achievements, the American Airlines business stands out. The win increased CP+B’s presence globally.



How Human Rights Groups Are Supporting Cohesion In The Society

The Frontera Fund offers services to people whose civil, immigrant, and human rights have been abused. The Frontera fund is purely non-profit, and its significance in the society continues to grow each day.

The Non-Governmental organization was started when Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were released from prison for a crime they had not committed. Joe Arpaio was obligated to pay the victims of his oppression $3.6 million as compensation. With the considerable sum of money, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey decided to help the entire society rather than benefit from the proceeds alone.

Furthermore, the journalism and the Hispanic community had significantly campaigned for their release once information spread out that they had been arrested unlawfully. Therefore, as a way of showing gratitude to the society, they decided to set up an agency that would help anyone who had been mistreated.

The generous act of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey is considered to be the greatest that has ever been undertaken by anyone who belongs to the journalism community. Up to date, the Frontera Fund continues to tower above other Non-Governmental Organizations.

The Frontera Fund and other organizations of a similar type are typically established with the intentions of supporting human rights. Non-Governmental Organizations frequently ensure that in case the broader community can benefit from a particular occurrence, then the most significant effort will be put in ensuring that the beneficial situation occurs.

The American Civil Rights Liberties Union (ACLU) previously undertook an in-depth research on the number of immigrants who reside within the United States. The results were somehow dreadful. Children and women who live as immigrants in the United States are the ones who suffer the most.

Additionally, immigrants typically stay with the fear of being returned to their home countries, and hence, they are usually left with the option of hiding. In their native countries, the conditions may not be very favorable for survival. As a result, they would instead remain unprocessed and continue suffering.

Some immigrants usually stay in deplorable conditions for many months, before finally getting a helping hand that pulls them out of them out of the unfortunate situation.

Numerous Human Rights Activism Groups have, therefore, been set up by people of goodwill such as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The groups ensure that all people are able to live in a manner that they would have wished, irrespective of their location and situation in life.

Another prominent activist group is The Leadership Conference on Civil Human Rights. It’s primary objective is to ensure the protection of the immigrant rights. The team is always advocating for reforms to be made to the human rights laws. The organization also promotes the well-being of immigrants who work and live in the United States.

Within the U.S, the highest number of immigrants comes from Mexico, and the Trump’s laws are likely to worsen the conditions that face immigrants.

Their rights are bound to be abused further if the right steps are not taken to ensure the protection of everyone in the society, and that is why the Frontera Fund is supporting the establishment of human rights groups in the most efficient manner.

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Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University has been producing some very fantastic talent. The Academy of Art University contains a segment known as the School of Fashion. September ninth in the year of 2017 marked the twenty-first anniversary for their runway extravaganza. It was held at the posh and glamorous Skylight Clarkson Square. Five collections for women were debuted, while two groups for men were also shown off.

The designers are unique and come from various backgrounds. One of the designers is Asian while another one is from a sleepy coastal New England town. Their different ideas and skills wowed everyone in attendance. Some notable celebrities that attended and were dazzled and amazed included J Alexander who hails from American’s Next Top Model. Another person who was also in attendance was Sara Kozlowsky. SHe happens to be the director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Blood, sweat, tears and hours are spent on the mere fifteen minutes allotted for runway time to present ideas of fashion that is forward thinking Hailun Zhou, from China, used baggy, ruffled, and bloused metallics fused with emblazoned letters to capture the futuristic style. They were creative enough to use vinyl and polyvinyl chloride for the fabrics. Eden Slezin, from Maine, had more of a denim vision fused with vintage elements. The styles were also quite baggy with some color blocking, utilizing recycled rubber leftover parts from bicycles. Dina Marine Lam wanted to show the feelings of transitioning through the designs. The designs were quilted in thought, soft, and pastel colored. Carlos Rodriguez had a design that reminds one of the billowy clouds slowly becoming a thunderstorm with the darker edges near the bottom length of the dress. Many other artists showcased color blocking, experimentation with fabric, trim and overall design. It was an ultimately successful event.

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