Roberto Santiago: A Successful Investor in Shopping Mall Business

Roberto Santiago is the investor who founded Manaira Shopping Center in Paraiba’s capital, Joao Pessoa. The mall was inaugurated in 1989, and since then, its growth has been evidenced by numerous redevelopment projects initiated to create room for additional venues depending on customer’s demand. The Manaira Shopping is located between the north coast beaches and mainland of Joao Pessoa. As a developer of the mall, Roberto Santiago focused mainly on leisure and fun. However, there are other venues at the mall that do not actually reflect the entertainment part of it. They include financial institutions like banks, and also a college.


Santiago’s Career Path


After completing his studies at Marist College, Roberto Santiago pursued a Business Administration course at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Before he ventured into the business world, Roberto was a blogger who wrote various informative articles about Brazil. He then invested in a cardboard manufacturing firm, from where he was able to generate enough revenue, which he used to acquire a real estate property. The land was used to develop Manaira Shopping Complex.


Shopping Experience and Entertainment at Manaira shopping


Many people describe this mall as a place where you will find tons of items just under one roof. It has 280 stores offering different items such as jewelry, home appliance, furniture, electronics, books clothing, sports gear and others. It is the place where you will enjoy exceptional shopping experience. In fact, many people spend the entire day at the mall, moving from one shop to another, one venue to another until they satisfy all their needs. Because of the number of people who frequently visit this place, neighboring communities are offered the opportunity to showcase their cultural values. Indeed, Manaira Shopping Mall is a perfect place where all your shopping needs will be addressed.


The mall has a numerous food courts serving a variety of meals, drinks and snacks. Because of the increasing demand of customers, Roberto Santiago has expanded restaurant section three times in 2008, 2012 and 2014. You can enjoy any type of meal and appetite based on your budget. The food stores range from fast food units to executive dining place like Capital Steakhouse, Waynes and Espaco Gourmet.


The entertainment venues are very many including movie halls, amusement park, kids zone, bowling alleys and the famous Domus Hall. The Domus Hall is a live performance area where numerous functions such as New Year Party, wedding, graduation and others are held. It was an addition to the mall, which was completed in 2009. Since it was launched, Domus Hall has hosted numerous local and international artists for live performance. It is equipped with modern sound equipment and machines, as well as soundproof devices.


A Review of Sheldon Lavin’s Success at OSI Group

When people change their careers, they are likely to face myriads of obstacles that may result in their failure. Sheldon Lavin is a completely different professional. After a couple of years working as a financial consultant in his own company, Otto & Sons’ convinced the financial expert to join the meat processing company as a partner. This move was triggered by the quality of financial services that he offered the company. By joining the Chicago-based meat processing company, the entity stood to benefit by having an experienced financial expert oversee its day-to-day activities. This move would protect the company from non-profitable business operations and improve its profitability margins.

Lavin joined OSI Group 43 years ago. Today, he has the full control of the company. His transformative leadership has helped the company to expand to different parts of the globe and enhance its product offing. Lavin has also recruited the services of highly qualified leaders such as David McDonald to help him in offering visionary leadership at the company.

In a recent interview, Lavin praised the family culture at OSI. He noted that although OSI was a large organization, it was proud of its entire workforce. The executive leader said that the company’s staffs are talented, loyal, and hardworking. They have played a pivotal role in enhancing the company’s success. The family culture starts at the top. Notably, OSI Group’s top management team enjoys their lunch together at the corporate offices. This element of cohesion encourages friendship and openness.

Sheldon Lavin is OSI Group’s chief executive officer. The executive leader joined the company in early 70s. He has extensive experience in the financial industry. Initially, the company was owned by Otto and Sons. After Otto resigned, the management of the company was left to Sheldon and the two sons of Otto. Eventually, Lavin bought the shareholdings of the two sons to own the company fully. Lavin has inspired his employees to produce a wide variety of processed meat products that include baked products, vegetables, and fruits. To know more click here.

Dr. Aphil MB2 Dental

Dr. Akhil works at MB2 Dental where he is a consultant and dental practitioner. MB2 Dental focuses on offering dentists the capacity and resources that they require to run their practice in various parts of the U.S. Dr. Akhil was born in Texas where he grew up playing soccer with the other kids in school. He also joined the Scouting and Red Cross clubs that made his parents notice an early interest in humanitarian activities in him. As he progressed in his studies, Dr. Aphil MB2 Dental realized that he loved scientific subjects that allowed him to use his hands and brain creatively. He was torn between pursuing engineering and dentistry courses, but he eventually forfeited the former for the latter.

Dr. Akhil joined The University of the Pacific where he took an accelerated course in dentistry. For his undergraduate, he pursued a Bachelor of Science In Biology and later the doctorate class where he acquired the Doctorate Of Dental Surgery. Dr. Aphil cleared his studies at the tender age of 23 years upon which he decided to launch right away into private practices. This was quite a high leap since he had no prior experience in running a business and had no mentor to help him through. Consequently, he faced several challenges and looking back, Dr. Aphil says that if he went back in time, he would locate mentors early. Dr. Aphil also admits that he burnt his fingers in his private practice, causing him to close it. However, it was the beginning of a new chapter as he met Dr. Chris Villanuella, the founder of MB2 Dental.

Dr. Chris says that he too had faced the challenges of being in private practice, especially the inability to handle the customer demands and the business operations efficiently. The dentist lacks enough time to do supplies, human resource, and marketing roles and at the same time handle customers. Similarly, Dr. Chris had experienced the challenges of being in corporate practice where the dentists are deprived of their rights and exploited. At the same time, Dr. Chris noticed that the patients were hardly satisfied in the above cases. MB2 Dental offers the necessary solution as the dentists are given the priority, making them treat the patients with all due care and respect.Dr. Aphil believes in balancing his work life and his personal life. He works eight hours daily on weekdays and half day on weekends. He spends the rest of his time to relax with family and friends, especially his fiancé.

An In-Depth Look at the Career Life of Experienced Wine Connoisseur, Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson is the owner of Jackson Family Wines, a family owned vintner based in Sonoma County in California. Julia Jackson interest in the winemaking business began when she was young. While in high school, Julia spent her summers at the family winery. In the process, Julia made friends with her father’s employee who was from France. As a result, Julia got an opportunity to spend one of the summers in Bordeaux, France. While there she learned French culture and language.

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Julia Jackson graduated with a bachelor’s degree in studio art from the Scripps College. She later earned a certificate in general management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Julia Jackson took over the family business after finishing her college education. At the company, she works at different levels of management and also acts as the firm’s spokesperson. Today, Julia works with Jackson Family Wines’ international marketing team helping to introduce the family brands to international markets.

Jackson Family Wines’ estate known as Cambria Estate Winery is popularly known for growing a variety of grapes used by the company for wine making. According to Julia, the Sonoma-based estate is hosts some of the best cabernets in the globe. The company carries several wines including Freemark Abbey, Murphy-Goode, La Crema, Stonestreet, Cambria, and Matanzas Creek.

Involvement in Philanthropy

Julia and her sister Katherine founded Seeds for Empowerment; a nonprofit organization focused on empowering women in developing countries. The group donates $100,000 each year to “Warrior Women.” Through the organization, Dr. Victoria Kisyombe from Tanzania reached over 200,000 women and improved their traditional micro-finance systems with a goal of empowering women to open businesses.

Presentation at the South Beach Seafood Week

During the 4th Annual South Beach Seafood Week, Jackson Family Wines plans to present one of their best wine brands, La Crema. The firm’s sommeliers Thomas Price and Larry O’Brien will also offer the audience with wine education.

Traveling Vineyard: A New Way To Wine

If you want wine in California, what is the first place that you picture? Well Napa Valley of course! Napa creates images of lush vineyards and beautiful wineries, but that’s not all there is to Napa. Why not take the road less traveled and explore the lesser known, but still pretty awesome parts of Napa. Here is a list of the favorite things to do in Napa as stated by a Traveling Vineyards wine guide.

If you’re in Napa and you have a passion for art, you have got to check out the Napa art walk. They’ve got work from top artist that is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Maybe art isn’t your thing. Why not take a cooking class at the Silverado Cooking School. Everyone knows that there’s nothing better to have a glass of wine with than a plate of delicious food. World famous chefs will teach you the skills you need from beginner to advanced.

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For all you nature enthusiasts, take a stroll at the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. Take a bottle of wine with you and enjoy a nice glass while taking in the scenic views of the Mount St. Helena summit. Just don’t forget the water!

Despite all of the cool things to do in Napa that don’t involve wine, most of us still want to take part in that iconic wine tasting. If you love wine and want a flexible schedule with plenty of room for travel, why not consider becoming a Traveling Vineyards wine guide. You get to travel and meet other enthusiast just like you, while also educating those who aren’t so sure and bringing them in to the wine lover’s club. With Traveling Vineyards, you get to become apart of a loving family. Support is never more than a call away. Follow the Traveling Vineyard on Twitter.

Let’s look at what a Traveling Vineyard wine guide does and if it’s for you. Traveling Vineyards is a company that strives to change how the world views wine as stuffy and pretentious and bring it to a level that is relatable to all as a good time with good company. They bring the wine to you and host a great party led by an educated ambassador in your home with your friends. They take the mystery out of choosing a wine that’s for you by educating you in a warm and friendly manner. Check out Traveling Vineyard to learn more about your next opportunity!

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Patty Rocklage; The Psychotherapist Who Helps Patients in Boston to Heal

Patty Rocklage is a psychotherapist who is based in Boston. She specializes in mental health care. She has worked with many clients. Rocklage helps her clients to deal with family conflicts, relationship issues, and issues that face women. Read more: Twitter Rocklage | Twitter

Some of her skills include teaching, coaching, public speaking, and community outreach. She studied psychology at the University of Southern California. Rocklage graduated in 1981. She has been practicing in Boston for twenty years. She is also involved with charities and organizations that help to improve the community.

Rocklage works as a volunteer at the Sudanese Education Fund. The organization supports people who have relocated to Massachusetts from Southern Sudan. It helps them to find stable jobs and to gain a stable footing educationally and financially.

Patty Rocklage and her husband known as Dr. Scott Rocklage made a contribution to the Chemistry Department at M.I.T a year ago. Dr. Rocklage said that the university gave him a foundation for his professional life and career. This was the reason why the couple offered the gift with a lot of gratitude. The couple was invited to visit the Chemistry department in what served as a celebration for the major gift that they gave. Learn more about Patty Rocklage: and

The funds were used to renovate the nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab of Professor Moungi Bawendi. Rocklage did his Ph.D. under the tutelage of Professor Richard Schrock who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry when he was at M.I.T. The couple was given a tour of the renovated space by two graduate students who were accompanied by Professor Bawendi.

They converged in the vestibule of the laboratory after the tour. This is where there is a plaque that honors Patty Rocklage and her husband. Tributes were paid by Prof. Bawendi, Timothy Jamison, and Sylvia Ceyer. Ceyer said that she had approached Rocklage earlier to see if he was willing to contribute to the needs of the chemistry department. She stated that she was surprised by the response of Patty. His immediate reaction was a yes. He went on to ask her where they had the most pressing need.

Aloha Construction: Experiencing Significant Growth in the Market

Aloha Construction is a company that is based on general contraction. The company looks forward to another season filled with siding and roofing activities. A high number of areas around Northern Illinois have been experiencing extreme storms, strong winds, and hails. Since they began their foundation, they have witnessed positive growth and development. Aloha Construction is now able to serve residents in Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. They have also created a new website where homeowners can place their order in just one click.


The aim of Aloha construction is to build high-quality homes by launching services on interior restoration. Chief Executive Officer and President of Aloha Construction, David A. Farbaky, says that in 2013, they were very excited about completing around 7,000 projects within Illinois. This year, they have managed to complete 20,000. This is a commendable increase as compared to other years. He continues to say that they are currently focused on simplifying the lives of Midwest residents. Therefore, they are opening a new Aloha branch. This branch will focus on remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and restoring interior designs.


Aloha Construction has developed from being a small construction organization as it has achieved numerous accomplishments and certificates. Aloha Construction has joined membership with several industries such as Chicago Roofing Contractors Association, Better Business Bureau, Building Trades Association, and National Roofing Contractors Association. Aloha Construction is fully bonded, licensed, and insured, thus providing a Craftsmanship Warranty of 10 years.


Aloha construction offers various services such as the installation of windows, doors, siding, gutters, soffit, insulation, and stucco. Other services are Soffit repair, waterproofing & cleaning of roofs, and cedar siding among others. The areas in which Aloha Construction serves include Port Barrington, Mchenry, Libertyville, Grayslake, North Barrington, Wauconda, Palatine, Round Lake, Lincolnshire, Vernon Hills, Mundelein, Barrington, and Lake Zurich.

Republicans working with Moscow to fight George Soros and America’s Sovereignty

Hungary Born businessman and Billionaire George Soros has been a critic of conservative ideology and for more than a decade has openly supported and financed Democrats. His stand in the promotion of an open society that shuns intolerance has made him a constant target of right-wing allied conspiracy theorists. The group has continually pictured him as the man who is cunningly planning to create one liberal world and economy. The 86 year old veteran of liberation wars, however, has not bowed to threats, abuse, and reports aimed at maligning his name. Instead, he has remained a strong critic of the Trump administration.

Today, the war against this champion of equal rights and democracy has heightened. A group of Republican senators has joined hands with Eastern Europe’s Russia-backed politicians to stop George Soros. The group has through many letters accused the billionaire of using his philanthropic activities to further liberal policies into European politics. Led by Senator Mike Lee of Utah and New Jersey’s Senator, Chris Smith, this group claims that the Soros’ Open Society Fund is working to overrule judiciary power in favor of Prime-Minister centered governments that champion for what they view as left winged policies.

The sudden surge in opposition against George Soros may be attributed to Donald Trump’s stunning win that provided a platform for furthering nationalistic themes. Consequently, politicians in the Eastern Europe bloc who represent nationalistic constituencies now enjoy enormous support from the GOP. Some of the countries in which Soros’ foundation is accused to be spreading its influence include Albania, Macedonia, and Balkans. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

George Soros’s vision of an open society has always been opposed; however, the involvement of Russia in the campaign raises suspicion. It is evident that Moscow is taking advantage of the increased local fight against Soros to make inroads to Capitol Hill. It has used the letters written by this group of illiberal individuals as evidence that the United States is guilty of meddling in other country’s politics. High-profile Republican lawmakers such as Ted Cruz, Texas Senator, have warned that the letters by Lee and his associates have provided Moscow an unnecessary propaganda fodder. They also point out that such actions not only disrespect national sovereignty but also fuels political unrest.

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George Soros created the Soros Open Society Foundation to defend human rights and fight tyranny. Over the years the foundation has helped prisoners of war and rebels against tyrannical leadership. The Foundation has given out more than 12 billion since it began its operations. Some of the philanthropic works of George Soros and his organization include sponsoring black South African students during the Apartheid rule and supported organizations committed to improving human welfare such as International Crisis Group, Global Witness, and the New Economic Thinking.

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The Fruits of Duda Melzer’s Works

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, who also goes by “Duda,” is a Brazilian family based business entrepreneur. His specialty is in the field of media. He’s been named in recent years of the CEO of his family’s business Grupo RBS. This company has been around since the 1950’s and specializes in news, radio and television media. Since Duda has taken over as the leader, he’s made many improvements to the business. One of the most noteworthy improvements is by founding two companies going under the e.Bricks name brand. These companies have served as a venture capital outlet for other Brazilian businesses to get their foot in the door in online sales and marketing. The business also acts as a warehouse for Grupo RBS for its own projects.

Starting at a young age, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer realized the importance of family and education. He attended college in Brazil for his undergraduate degree in business administration. After graduating at 27 years old from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio do Sul, he moved on to Harvard University. At Harvard, he earned an MBA which has been invaluable to his credentials and success. He not only met mentors at Harvard but many valuable industry contacts. Gaining career experience in the US, he worked as a financial analyst and led an “unconventional” media company called BoxTop Media in New York City. Check out Clicrbs to know more.

Upon returning to Brazil, Duda worked under his uncle Nelson Sirotsky, who was at this time the CEO of Grupo RBS. Finally succeeding his uncle as CEO, Duda Melzer sought to make the improvements the company has now undertaken. Aside from working with his family in the business, he spends time with his children and also working for the Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho Foundation, a charity named after Duda’s grandfather. The recognition and accolades internationally received by business leaders go to show the rewards of Duda’s efforts over the years.

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Hussain Sajwani Helping the World’s Poorest Children

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most generous individuals in Dubai. While the world has been made aware of this real estate investor through his friendship with President Trump’s family, those closest to him realize how generous he is when others have a need. For example, he recently donated over AED two million to dress needy children around the world. This money given by the largest luxury private real estate developer in the Middle East will be used to cloth more than 50,000 children in the world’s poorest countries. The Damac owner says he is thrilled to do his small part in helping children get a better start.


Central African Republic


Funds may be used to cloth children in the Central African Republic where the average person earns just $656 annually. According to the Human Development Index, this country is the poorest in the world when annual income, life expectancy and education are factored together. Many children in this country are left as orphans because of AIDS and war. Therefore, DAMAC’s donation is highly instrumental in clothing these children who remain extremely vulnerable.


Democratic Republic of Congo


Approximately 98 children out of 1,000 die in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In fact, 20 percent of all children will not reach their fifth birthday while many others will be made to become child soldiers called Kadogos. Most individuals in this country make about $784 annually.




About 54 percent of all children born in Burundi die before their fifth birthday. Almost 50 percent of all people living in the country have no access to drinkable water. Authorities have made it the law that children must go to school until they are 12, however, more than 74 percent of the population has no formal education.


The Hussain Sajwani family says that family bonds are an important aspect of their success. As the owner of more than 8,000 luxury hotel rooms, mansions and apartment units in Dubai, they feel it is there duty to help children around the world get a better start in life.