Transportation Experts Propose Traffic Solutions For Williamson County At Panel

What Is The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority?


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was formed in 2002. Its mission is to improve transportation infrastructure in Travis and Williamson counties in Central Texas. The agency has the power to create roads, public transportation services, built airports and naval ports. It can also levy tolls, taxes and raise money through bonds to fund construction of roads, highways and public transit systems.


Reducing traffic congestion and and improving economic activity through more effective transit options are at the heart of the CTRMA goals. CTRMA is managed by a board of directors that has seven members. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has a professional staff that manages operations and does consulting work. Actual building projects are done by private companies paid by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.


Who Is Mike Heiligenstein?


Mike Heiligenstein is currently the executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He joined the authority in 2003 when he was selected by fellow peers to lead the agency after it was founded in 2002. Before joining the CTRMA Mike represented Williamson County in public office for over 23 years.


As a public figure in Williamson County, Mr. Heligenstein helped to expand the water, sewer and transportation infrastructure in the county. He also was on the regional metropolitan authority and was chairman of the Clean Air Force of Texas. Mike Heligenstein is an advisory board member of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and is part of the Texas Department of Transportation’s Texas Technology Task Force. He has decades of experience in solving transportation problems.


Panel Gives Suggestions On Traffic Solutions For Williamson And Travis Counties


A panel on traffic problems impacting Williamson County and would could be done to address it convened at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center in Austin, Texas. Mike Heligenstein of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was a featured panelist at the event alongside Uber’s Texas representative and other transportation experts such as Jared Ficklin of the transportation design company Argo Design. Major suggestions made by the panel included expanding the lanes at routes 183 and 290 into and out of Austin. Expanding mass transit and building new roads in Williamson County was also looked at. The growth of the area was heavily discussed as Central Texas is a rapidly growing area in the nation.

Cotemar Is The Champion Of Weathering The Economic Storm

Companies throughout the world are dealing with cutbacks, and Cotemar is handling the situation like professionals on Pemex may have ended two contracts but Cotemar still operates some of their boats with extensive contracts with Pemex.

Cotemar didn’t renew a contract with the specialized firm of Prosafe. The company completed three semi-submersible work platforms for Cotemar that’s operating in Mexico. The Cotemar company has the largest fleet and still operates the Prosafe fleet. Cotemar’s specialized vessels transport, engineering, construction, maintenance and other personnel to the platforms.

The companies that have downsized their workforce to save money continue to depend on Cotemar’s reliability, trustworthiness and uphold their end of the contracts.

Cotemar was launched in 1979 and is based in Avenida Adolfo Lopez Mateos Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. Cotemar built their brand for more than 35 years operating by a strict Code of Ethics. They respect the environment using technology that is eco-friendly. Their stakeholders, partners, and the community have reaped the benefits of their honesty and transparency of business operations. These traits are Cotemar’s Standard of Operation. Their clients know the company keeps abreast of regulations and the laws of compliance for paying taxes.

In addition to developing Oilfields, their business extends to Marine Support, offshore Food and Lodging, Engineering, Construction, Maintenance and Air Transportation services.
They provide specialized vessels with cranes that are easy to maneuver that can handle large heavy loads. The decks of the vessel have storage spaces and areas for construction of the prefabricated structures.

Cotemar’s has state-of-the-art advanced information systems on for planning a project from start to finish and on time.

The construction of the platforms and maintaining their upkeep is performed with modern equipment. To spacious platforms can transport large loads of cargo, storage for supplies and equipment and room for construction. Cotemar provides food for the vessels, platforms, and offshore employees.

The company is working toward their goal of being involved with the new sects of the oil industry worldwide.

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Manse On Marsh Announces New CEO

The Manse On Marsh

Located in San Luis Obispo Manse on Marsh is of the best award winning assisted living communities in California. For years the community has served those with the greatest need for professional assistance in living on a daily basis. The Manse on Marsh retirement community is undergoing changes with a new chief executive officer being one of these changes. Farron Bernhardt will now serve as the CEO of the assisted living community. Bernhardt chose the job because enjoys helping those in need and giving their families the comfort of knowing that their loved ones are getting the best care possible. Prior to this position Bernhardt worked for the Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development where he focused on renovating older neighborhoods and creating new neighborhoods.

The Recognition Of Manse On Marsh

The help the Manse On Marsh provides for those in need of assistance has garnered praise and awards throughout the country. Last March Manse on Marsh received the “Caring Star” award for its excellence in assisted living services. Awards like these are frequently awarded to Manse on Marsh such as the 3 consumer awards it won in 2013. A trip to the assisted living community leaves no wonder as to why these awards are handed out. The residents of Manse on Marsh live in spacious furnished rooms, eat quality food at open dining facilities, and social activities to keep the residents busy all day. Indeed Manse on Marsh sets an entirely new standard.

Chris Burch Lectures Venture Capitalists on Developing a Sense of Urgency

Chris Burch has recently become the topic of media discussion after his lecture to venture capitalists regarding the development of a sense of urgency was released on the Burch Creative Capital website. The successful businessman, entrepreneur, and now venture capitalist, has participated in a series of events designed to educate future professionals about the skills and values necessary to develop and operate a successful business model. During his latest discussion with a group of venture capitalists, Burch stated that the development of an urgent mentality was vital to the venture capital industry because a company’s sense of urgency determines whether or not important projects are completed with the original impact they were developed with and because a venture capitalist’s sense of urgency determines whether or not potentially successful businesses are able to move forward.

Urgency Determines Whether or Not Important Projects Are Completed Correctly
Chris Burch has developed several reputable businesses from the ground up, and has been instrumental in the development of several others, making the business mogul an expert in the area of business establishment. Using his impressive background in business building, Burch explained to venture capitalists why a sense of urgency is so vital the completion of stated goals and company projects. According to Chris Burch, a company’s sense of urgency can dramatically influence the company’s ability to effectively conduct product research. When company employees do not feel a sense of urgency to complete tasks associated with the development of a larger company project, the larger project usually suffers. Even when tasks are completed on time within a company that has difficulty with the concept of urgency the company rarely communicates the intended purpose of the project with its consumers.

Urgency Determines Whether or Not Potentially Successful Businesses Move Forward
Chris Burch ( also discussed the role that urgency plays in the ability of businesses to expand and reach new markets. Venture capitalists have the unique ability to affect multiple businesses at one time in both negative and positive ways. By increasing the sense of urgency within a venture capital firm, business leaders can cultivate the success of the small business ventures in which they have invested time, money, and resources. Chris Birch stated that all business leaders should create effective strategies to increase the sense of urgency in their companies.

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SEC Whistleblowers Given Specialist Assistance By Labaton Sucharow

Each year the financial markets are examined for their adherence to the rules and regulations created by the U.S. Congress and administered by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Following the 2008 economic slowdown the Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act that was in part designed to make sure the highest level of progtections and rewards ever introduced were made available to whistleblowers who would bring evidence of the activities of individuals and companies mismanaging finances in the U.S.

The Dodd-Frank Act was passed into law with one of the authors, Jordan Thomas, heading to private practice with the Labaton Sucharow law firm where he assembled the first specialist department devoted to the development of SEC whistleblower activities. Thomas has been an outspoken supporter of the program and has used his position as an SEC whistleblower attorney to explain his view that the best possible evidence for almost every case comes from whistleblowers; Thomas explained the growing levels of financial rewards given to SEC whistleblowers will only attract more financial experts to the program and protect consumers around the world from having their finances mishandled.

Jordan Thomas and his team at Labaton Sucharow have been at the front of the push for greater levels of financial rewards and better protections of the anonymity of the individual whistleblower that are already at an all time high; Thomas has worked on cases where a whistleblower has been unmasked and targeted by their employer in a bid to halt a case.

Recently, the SEC Whistleblower lawyer Jordan Thomas has worked on a number of high profile cases that include an individual receiving a record $17 million reward for the information brought to the SEC. Thomas and his team are looking to work with whistleblowers from the very first steps they take in bringing their case to the attention of the SEC; Thomas and his team at Labaton Sucharow have the skills to examine evidence and ensure a case can be brought by the SEC before the whistleblower steps forward and places their reputation on the line.