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There’s a lot of skepticism to have and if you’re a first time buyer of gold.

If you’re doing your homework, then your greatest fear is buying something that never comes to your door step. Even if it does arrive, how do you know that what you have is real? There are many more questions like these to be asked. If you’ve wondered about them, then it’s normal.

Getting involved with gold and as a source of trade is a huge decision.

PR Newswire believes that you want to ensure that you have access to real products and from reliable sources. Your one option, which has remained secure since its inception, is with the U.S. Reserve. This agency buys and sells precious metals to the public or private sectors. Which is a great help to you and I. …

Being An Industry Leader In Gold

Building a secure reputation in the gold industry happens only when you have satisfied customers. The more happy they are, the more you’re likely to hear about where they bought it. That’s why we’re discussing the U.S. Money Reserve and as an industry leader for your bullion supplies.

Whether it’s gold, platinum or silver, this U.S. agency has the product in stock.

Being a leader in the gold trade equips the U.S. Reserve with the credentials for trade. Unlike many firms who buy and sell gold, the Reserve leaves a mark of “satisfaction guaranteed.” The agency does this by giving their word that whatever bullion products they sell are at the highest ratings.

Verifying Your Purity And Weight

The best and most reputable bullion dealers often use a modern way of testing purity and weight. Weight is easy to find in troy ounces. What’s difficult is when counterfeiters create what looks like real precious metals. Firms like the U.S. Reserve use their guarantee and to ensure that you’re not a victim.

Be sure that the agency’s gold is pure, ready for shipment and is insured through a buy-back option. You can start now, today or whenever you’re ready.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Leads Bradesco Using Talent Based Managerial Skills

At the age of 22, Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Bradesco although by then the institution was known by quite a different name. Bradesco is a division of Casa Bancaria Almeida & Cia, which was a continuation of Banco Noroeste in Birigui (SP). Amador Aguiar is attributed with the nomination of Luiz Carlos Trabuco to the position of president. On the other hand, Amador had worked as a clerk at Banco Noroeste when he was only 16 years old.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco follows in the footsteps of his predecessor Amador Aguiar, but his legacy appears to shine more than that of his mentor. All presidents who have managed Bradesco in the past have adopted a unique culture of operation, and that is partly why the banking institution is associated with the highest value of assets in the Brazilian economy. In the course of his tenure, Amador Aguiar used to establish very close working relationships with colleagues and the clients.

Amador Aguiar believed that it is the customers who support every service delivery industry, and without them, there would be no business to conduct. Likewise, Luiz Carlos Trabuco adopts an almost similar style of management since clients are the most important people at Bradesco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco ensures that the service delivery process is associated with a personal touch like it used to happen in the past. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has his principal objective set on acquiring the title of the best bank in Brazil.

Bradesco closed its financial year with $ 896 million while Itaú Unibanco managed to garner more $ 1.06 trillion. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s close relationship with the president of Brazil is not a strategy to advance his corporate plans, but instead, it is due to the respect that Luiz Carlos is accorded by Dilma Rousseff. The relation between the two is strengthened by the recent announcement of Luiz Carlos Trabuco where he offered organizations credit if they engaged in the development of roads.

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Such actions are seen by many as an effort to improve the well-being of the society rather than just the continuous expansion of Bradesco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s interaction with Bradesco spans well over 40 years, and this is because he initially started working in the organization while he was still young. As a result, this situation has led Luiz to understand how different departments interact with each other.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s rise to the top can partly be attributed to his quick learning and application ability. Some of the former leaders such as Amador Aguiar were able to see the great promise in Luiz Carlos Trabuco, and it is Amador who helped to impart Luiz with the current leadership qualities that he possesses.

Luiz promotes the importance of insurance services adoption by various enterprises. He does not only do this because Bradesco provides clients with different insurance offers, but it is because he believes in the advancement of any business operation even after the occurrence of any form of risk. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Managerial skills are highly demanded in other organizations as he is a leader who is associated with growth.

Some of the organizations that he chairs include Fenasaúde and the National Financial Marketing Commission. In both enterprises, he acts as the chairman of the board of directors. Luiz is a bachelor of Philosophy graduated from the University of São Paulo, but his desire to work in a financial institution is what led him to work at Bradesco.

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Betsy DeVos’ Background and Her Generous Contributions to Community

Betsy DeVos is an American proven innovator, leader, advocate and philanthropist. She has been a pioneer in business, education, and politics fighting to eliminate barriers, bring change, and create environments where the public can have the opportunity to develop and thrive. Betsy is the former Chairperson of The Windquest Group; a privately held management and investment company based in Michigan with a broad range of consumer service and product portfolio. Having been active in politics for over 35 years, she was elected for four times as the Michigan Republican Party Chairperson. She has also served in several leadership positions in party organizations, campaigns and political action committees. Additionally, Betsy has focused most of her efforts on improving educational choices. Her commitment to help others is a result of her family background that features conservative activists and philanthropists. Her father founded the Family Research Council while her brother started Blackwater USA.


AS an active philanthropist, Betsy is involved in her community where she has served as the Chair of the Philanthropist Roundtable and the American Federation for Children (AFC) board of directors. She has also served in several other local and national boards including Foundation for Excellence in Education, American Enterprise Institute, Artprize, and the DeVos Institute for Arts Management based in the University of Maryland. Through the AFC, Betsy has been instrumental in urging the state legislators to enact laws and pass voucher bills for the school choice. The organization has offices all over the country, and has offered grants to Boast Alliance Maryland, Partners for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, and School Choice Indiana Network. Betsy encouraged her husband; Dick DeVos to start the West Michigan Aviation Academy; a public licensed high school combining Dick’s love of aviation with her passion for education.


Born in 1958 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Betsy went to Holland Christian High School and later graduated from Calvin College, Grand Rapids in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Economics. She grew up as a devoted member of the Christian Reformed Church and has been an elder and member of Mars Hill Bible Church, Grand Rapids. She was nominated in 2016 as the Secretary of Education where she was determined to strengthen the American education. Betsy is happily married to an entrepreneur, community activist, and philanthropist, and they have been working together to ensure that all American children have access to quality education. In 1989, they established the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation as a way of giving back to the community.


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Amicus Therapeutics, the Solution to Rare Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics is an American biopharmaceutical company based in New Jersey. It became a public company in 2007 and was funded by a variety venture capital companies including Enterprise Associates, Canaan Partners and Radius Ventures.


Main Focus of Amicus Therapeutics


The company mainly focuses on rare and orphan diseases. They offer medicine and unique technologies in the development of patients suffering from devastating and rare diseases such as the lysosomal storage disorder, Fabry disease, epidermolysis bullosa (EB); a genetic connective skin disorder, and Pompe diseases. The company’s lead upcoming product is Migalastat, a personalized drug that is in late-stage development to treat people with Fabry disease based on person’s genetic diagnosis.


Another candidate in the late stage development is SD-101, a possible first-to- market therapy for epidermolysis bullosa (EB). The company is also trying to advance its biologics and the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy, a platform advancement to invent Novel Enzyme Replacement Therapy products, for Pompe disease, Fabry diseases, and other various lysosomal storage disorders. The therapeutics frontline program is ATB200/AT2221, a uniquely Pompe disease enzyme replacement therapy, which is administered together with a pharmacological chaperone.


The Developmental Journey of Amicus Therapeutics


Amicus Therapeutics did not have a manufacturing capability and only relied on contract manufacturing alone. Luckily, the company expanded from New Jersey to another site in San Diego in 2008. Amicus then acquired competitor Callidus Biopharma, hence obtaining essential materials and advanced property for the Enzyme Replacement Therapy treatment of pompe disease. As of February 2014, Amicus Therapeutics still had no marketed products. Its most advanced potential product was migalastat (ReleaseFact). Between 2010 and 2013 the company collaborated with JCR Pharmaceutical and GlaxoSmithKline to research on formulation with recombinant alpha-galactosidase. Later in 2015 September, Amicus acquired Scioderm for around 947 million dollars in cash and stock.


Amicus Activities outside America


The company is committed to the Fabry community across the world and has recently seen approval of its migalastat by Health Canada for treatment of Fabry diseases in the country ( Amicus Therapeutics also attended and sponsored the Thirteenth International Congress of inborn metabolism errors, in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, to adopt the research of genetically passed metabolic disorders and related topics. The company’s CEO John Crowley was nominated in the 2017 PharmaVoicelist for his ground-breaking development of rare disease drugs.


Rubica Improves Personal Cyber Security

The relevance of personal cyber security has increased due to the growing number of cyber related threats. The proliferation of cyber attacks has led to damages to firms, governments, and individuals. Recently, a huge organization known as WannaCry suffered a significant cyber crime in May 2017. The company has inscribed a ransom that summed up to approximate 300,000 computers and digital software in more than 150 nations. However, due to the subjection of cyber crimes to anyone, I am a victim of cyber attack.


From the 2013-2015 periods, the number of cyber attacks quadrupled to almost $500 billion. According to a survey conducted by Global State of Information Security, personal cyber security can be enhanced by transforming business ecosystems to digital standards. Statistics report that own cyber security is an area that requires commitment. More firms, government departments, and organizations are adopting different mechanisms to cub cyber attack. Ventures in cyber security indicate that if the problem is not handled, cyber attack’s cost will rise to $6 trillion yearly. The damages posed include intellectual property theft, fraud, embezzlement and hacking of systems and data.


Besides normal individuals being affected, politicians are also subjected to the attacks. During President Obama’s reign, Obama proposed a budget of $19 million for the cyber security industry. In May 2017, the United States of America President, Donald Trump, commissioned an executive order aiming at improving personal cyber safety in the nation. The act was specifically geared towards enhancing security in information technology national networks and the systems of infrastructure.


Rubica provides the solutions to cyber attacks. Rubica is made up of a team of experts who provide digital security services. Rubica is easy to use in instances of cyber crime. It usually carries its operations in the background, giving an alert when the action is required. With Rubica, you will gain confidence regarding your online privacy and safety. Hackers will no longer intimidate online users due to the availability of sophisticated Rubica services ( Rubica does away with the complexity that comes along with personal cyber security. For ease of access and help when hacked, get the Rubica application to your tablets and smartphones. Tracking any sought of cyber attackers will be convenient.

Osteoarthritis Management Schedule From Osteo Relief Institute

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis and is characterized by causing cartilage degeneration and hence the name degenerative joint disease. After the cartilage breaks down and wears off, the joint bones start rubbing against each other. Over time, they lose their strength causing chronic pains. Dr. Matthew CiRullo of Family Medicine assures that although there is no cure for the condition, there is medication for making the pain bearable.

About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute was founded in 2012 in New Jersey with the aim of helping patients suffering from osteoarthritis. The institute uses state of the art equipment to help their patients in relieving pain caused by arthritis. In addition to the equipment, they have highly qualified staff taking care of the patients.


Among the services offered at Osteo Relief Clinic include; screening, non-surgical treatment, guided knee injections, improving knee mobility, and inflammation and pain relief (HealthGrades). All these services are provided under the right plans to ensure you are comfortable.


In addition, Medicare covers the services offered any Osteo Relief Institute for all those patients who qualify for the plan. You are provided with the treatment procedure and all requirements during the risk-free screening.


According to Osteo Relief Institute, there are three management options for arthritis; daily routine habits such as proper diet, exercises, and medial options. They go concurrently for better results. Follow this routine for self-management.


Daily Routine

  • Perform gentle stretching exercises before bed to lessen stiffness in the morning.
  • Avoid staying in a fixed position for long and instead stand and walk around after every one hour.
  • Avoid overusing a joint as that can increase the pain.
  • Maintain the right body weight as excess weight increases the risks of getting osteoarthritis
  • Quit smoking as it damages connective tissues.
  • Do everything that is in your comfort zone instead of overburdening yourself.

Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks Is Competing With Mass-Market Beer Producers

Over the years, mass-market domestic beer dominated the industry. However, new companies are changing the game. The old era where the empires featured on Superbowl commercials has been fading out slowly. The new entrant in the beer market is the craft beer. This golden-age beer is pushed by huge demands from the millennials who prefers it to the mass-market domestic beer. The market shift has adversely affected the market share and popularity of mega-companies like Dubweiser and Miller Brewing Company. Presently, microbreweries are dominating the market. New entrants are generating huge revenues owing to an increase in the consumer base.

One of the companies that are making top-selling craft beer is Steamworks. The company sells a wide range of beer. Across the Canada and in the United States, Millennials love these brands. The company has achieved much success under the visionary leadership of Eli Gershkovitch. The master brewer serves as the company’s CEO. The executive has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the industry. Eli Gershkovitch is using an unconventional approach to build Steamworks’ craft beer empire. Instead of the proud attitude used by many Fortune 500 companies, the chief executive officer uses a calm attitude, which is typical of the working-class men. He is casual and loves freedom. These values have helped him to conquer the competitive beer industry, as he builds his own brewing empire.

Despite his calm personality, Eli Gershkovitch is a master of business. He is driven by his motto of “grow to meet demand or it will shrink to meet you.” This motto is supported by economics from across the globe. In the last century, it was tested several times. According to the master brewer, the theory indicates that robust companies will grow and surpass stagnant companies, thus switching the market towards in his favor. In Canada, the number of companies that are venturing into the brewing industry is at an all-time high. According to industry data, most of these companies have started their operations in Ontario and other densely populated regions. Although most of these breweries tend to fail, a good portion of them curves a share for themselves (MontrealGazette). Eli Gershkovitch contends that the emergence of these corporations has continued to eat into the market share of the mass-market beer companies.

Eli Gershkovitch founded Steamworks in his pub in 1995. Over the years, he has grown the pub from 184 seats to 754 seats. Its success has seen many tourists flock the pub to have a taste of its popular beer brands. Eli Gershkovitch posits that the locals are regular clients at his pub. In addition, Eli is a professional lawyer and pilot.

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Dr. Mark Holterman – Volunteering with IPSAC-VN

Dr. Mark Holterman, a refined medical scientist, professional, and instructor, parts his opportunity between such duties as an educator giving services at the University of Illinois and as Chief Executive Officer at Mariam Global Health. Committed to assisting patients in an assortment of ways, Mark Holterman, MD, provides support to such magnanimous associations (

To keep helping human services experts in Vietnam enhance access to pediatric surgical care and add their ability to that kind of care, IPSAC-VN depends on the help of volunteers and donors. Volunteers give the most hands-on help of the association by offering patient care, lecturing, training, and surgery at subsidiary medicinal schools and health centers in Vietnam (Twitter). All volunteers need to have a visa and travel permit that is legitimate for no less than a half year after the trip date. Notwithstanding that information, therapeutic volunteers must furnish the association with a duplicate of their expert permit and CV.

When volunteers are acknowledged, IPSAC-VN proposes that they buy travel pharmaceutical protection and prescribe that they go to their specific goal no less than two days before they are set to begin their volunteering. Debriefing of the team is held before the begin date and after the ending date, and volunteers are in charge of travel, inn, and other costs once in Vietnam.

A pediatric specialist, Dr. Mark Holterman has filled in as an individual from the general surgical group at Children’s Hospital, OSF Healthcare since 2011. More so, he is an educator in the Pediatric Surgery division at the University Of Illinois College Of Peoria Medicine. Dr. Mark Holterman keeps up a solid enthusiasm for the advancement of cell-based treatments. Dr. Mark Holterman received medicine & immunology degree from the University of Virginia. He is also part of the various professional firms including the ADA – American Diabetes Association.


Dr. Mark Holterman exercised pediatric surgery and has researched on regenerative medicine for various years. He spends time in medical research and teaching surgery with the University of Illinois. Dr. Mark Holterman also provides surgical patients pediatric care at OSF St. Francis Medical Center. As demonstrated by his field success, Dr. Mark Holterman has acquired various awards from well-known organizations all over the world.

The Intriguing Thoughts And Enlightening Career Of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is often asked for advice due to his success in his career. He has revolutionized business, shown the true spirit of an entrepreneur, developed startup companies, created new methodologies, earned a BS in Economics, an MBA in Finance, and worked for numerous, prestigious companies. He is focused, and driven in business, with an established methodology, and strategies. The leadership, passion, and advice he has provided regarding the global marketplace has been accurate, and well received.


LaunchPad Holdings was an idea Glen Wakeman had to combine money with ideas. He realized the failures of numerous startups were due to not enough structure to encompass the ideas. This led to his creation of a platform to make establishing a plan for building these businesses more intuitive, and simpler. He divides the responsibilities with his partners, then begins researching the necessary elements. By the time his day is over, he celebrates with tea, coffee, or sometimes a margarita.


Glen Wakeman is thrilled with machines providing data for businesses problems. He believes machine learning can improve the quality, and efficiency of a business. This helps him in the creation of new ideas, provides organization for his thoughts, and helps him turn them into reality. A lot of his motivation comes when he explains his ideas to others. He is endlessly curious, an innovative thinker, and wants to understand the best way to make important changes.


Glen Wakeman once worked for an automobile parts factory cleaning bathroom (AffiliateDork). Although the job involved a lot of sweat, it paid for him to attend college. The job additionally drove home the lesson nothing should be taken for granted. He has learned to treasure his friends, although he wishes he had kept better records of many of them. He has reestablished a lot of lost connections through social media. These connections are the representation of the differences between failing, or succeeding to Glen Wakeman (


Glen Wakeman was impressed with the book The Art of War. He feels the strategy involved in the writing makes the book an all-time classic. The book taught him invaluable lessons regarding teamwork, preparation, and discipline.


Russian Meddling Made Easier By 2010 Supreme Court Ruling, Grassroots Anti-Corruption PAC Says

A “Rigged Political System On Steroids.”

That’s how the president of a new anti-corruption political action committee described the U.S. election system in wake of alarming revelations that Russian agents spent enormous sums of money to sway the 2016 elections.

Tiffany Muller is President of End Citizens United, a PAC that formed in 2015 with the goal of overturning the notorious 2010 Supreme Court ruling that came to be known as Citizens United. Muller said recent evidence that Russian Internet troll farms were buying up huge numbers of social media ads using fake accounts on Facebook and Twitter is yet another symptom of a campaign contribution process that has lost all transparency and credibility.

What’s more, Muller said the Republican party is simply unwilling to do anything about the hijacking of the American political system. That’s because they are addicted to big campaign contributions from sources that don’t have to reveal who or what they are – even if they are from a hostile foreign power.

End Citizens United (ECU) was formed as a PAC in 2015. As its name implies, the group’s goal is to someday overturn the 2010 Supreme Court ruling which unleashed disaster on the U.S. election process. ECU began fundraising in 2015 and raised a robust $25 million ahead of the 2016 election cycle.

Just about all of those donations were in tiny amounts – and average of just over $14 each – which proves that the goal of the ECU to get big money out of politics has powerful support among rank-and-file American voters.

The small donations continue to roll in – ECU officials say they are on track to beat the previous goal of $25 million by $10 million – or about $35 million for the coming 2018 midterm elections.

Muller said that no one should be under any doubt that allowing unlimited dark money from mega-corporations and billionaires has led to an alarming level of corruption. All this dark money floating around only makes it easier for foreign governments to inject cash into American elections, even though it is illegal to accept foreign funds for U.S. political campaigns. The 2010 Supreme Court ruling made it enormously more difficult to trace where any campaign contributions are coming from.

One of ECU’s strategies is to get as many Democrats elected as possible in 2018. A primary goal is to flip the House of Representatives from Republican to Democrat control. Democrats in general are hostile to what the 2010 Citizens United ruling made possible, while Republicans generally favor maintaining the dark money system.

Muller and other hope Democratic control will make it easier to eventually push through a Constitutional Amendment that would overturn the Citizens United “disaster.”

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